Coolest moment on a golf course?



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    3 things.

    1. Probably the coolest. Playing my local course (married for about a year) and having my wife drive out in a cart to tell me we were expecting our first child.

    2. Having my dad caddy for me in the Big I classic

    3. Watching my buddy get a double eagle (he never saw it) when we were in college, sadly he passed away just recently from ALS (I'll always remember that and our time together)

    Lots of other
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    Holing out for my first eagle from 196 yards. It was anticlimactic because I didn't see it go in and we searched off the back of the green for like 4 minutes before someone checked the cup.
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    FKA HB wrote:

    I saw a hawk rip a squirrel from the ground about 20 feet from me. That squirrel made the most surprised noise as it was carried off to its undoubtedly horrible death. Still makes me smile to this day...

    Odd thing to smile about...
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    For the last 4 years, I have played in our Member/Guest with a good friend who lives in Atlanta. In December, he moved to Minneapolis but agreed to remain my partner. April comes around, he arrives for the MG and has played two rounds of golf since the beginning of the year.

    Our MG is a 3 day event in which you play 7 matches, with each hole counting one point. Last day, with two matches remaining, we are in 4th place, 5 points out of the lead. We in first match 6.5/2.5 and head into the last match 3 points out of first place, and playing against the leaders ( a former pro baseball and pro football player). They both bomb drives on #1 to within 60 yards of the green, and my partner looks over and says "might be a long day if they drive like that".... my response "they wouldn't be 9 HC if they could hit 60 yard wedge shots to tap in range".

    My partner rolls in a birdie putt from the fringe, and the rout is on! We win first three holes, and I say to him "tie game,brother - 6 holes left". We roll them 7.5/1.5, not losing a hole until #8 - and win our flight. Best golf day ever!
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    I'd also like to say winning my MG with my twin was awesome, 2011, 20 year anniversary of the club

    Also, have twice won a Generations Event against 45 other clubs with my nephew. Both times in playoffs. 2 man scramble.

    The second win has us stalled and we birdied 8 of the last 10 holes to make the playoff at -10.. He was excited but ice man in the playoff. (He's going on a d2 ride this Fall fwiw)

    Cool animal encounters is another thread ... but the 14' saltwater croc that was 10 steps away was a "strange vibe cool" if you know what I mean
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  • titleist_christitleist_chris Members Posts: 63
    Getting a birdie on #17 at Tpc Sawgrass!
  • jli2636jli2636 Members Posts: 1,038 ✭✭
    Any time that i got to spend on the course with my dad and grandpa. 3 generations on a golf course is something special. Unfortunately I don’t think my daughter will get the opportunity to make it 4 generations as my grandpa can’t make it around the course anymore.
  • BeerPerHoleBeerPerHole Members Posts: 1,135 ✭✭
    On March 11. We were out as a family to celebrate my wife's birthday. My son got his first ace. He's 12. Hit a great shot that rolled right in. This is a kid who was so disabled when he was younger they didn't know if he'd ever speak, ever feed himself. I almost cried.
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    I played on the golf team for a couple of years in high school, one season on the JV team and one season on varsity. We were a tiny, rural school near the Everglades in South Florida -- I don't know if I ever had more than 40 students in my grade -- whereas most of our opponents were well-to-do private schools from the West Palm Beach area. One of those was The Benjamin School, which is affiliated with both Jack Nicklaus' and Greg Norman's families.

    Possibly my most humbling moment on the golf course was one of my first ever matches, whose tone was set when my young lefty opponent from Benjamin hit his drive on our home course's Par 5 opener into a place far down the fairway on a line I literally had never conceived of, reached the back of the green in two, and only narrowly missed an eagle putt. I almost never go for that green in two today, as an adult in my 30s with reasonable length. He was ticked off at the miss as apparently one of his teachers told him he wouldn't have to do any homework for a week if he made an eagle. I'm not sure most of the teachers at my school were aware that the team had a golf team. The rest of the day went similarly, and my guess is he probably beat me by a stroke per hole or maybe more... I'd say he was probably around even par at worst. The overall result for my team was probably about the same, as those guys were just in a different class from us.

    The next year, we played Benjamin again. This time I was on varsity as a ninth grader, and was near the bottom ranking on the team but improving. We played nine hole matches, and if I recall correctly each team sent five or six players, with the team's score consisting of the best four out of those scores. This means that my score often didn't count. On that day, I was matched against the same lefty from the year before... and I *trounced* him. Not only did I outscore him on his home course, which I had never played before, but I shot the best score out of either of the two teams. Honestly I believe this was just as much of a factor of their team playing terribly as much as it was my having my best round of the year, but still it was a satisfying about face from the year before.
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    Watching the Mrs. get her hole in one with a beauty of a shot. She almost didn't see it as she hit her shot and just went for the tee. The course architect was behind the tee box and told her to look because the shot looked good on the way. I was in the cart on the path and watching the shot in air I was on my feet when it hit the green and watched it follow a nice bending rollout of about 8 feet right into the hole.

    Now I just need to get mine while she is watching.
  • Couple of moments:

    Set a course record at a local public course- shot an 8 under, 63 which was 7 strokes better than my previous best score.

    The first time I played Pine Valley.
  • ahdongahdong Members Posts: 95 ✭✭
    dunked it from 100 ish yards while playing with a few friends, I just continued like it was nothing and they went crazy
  • bangabainbangabain Members Posts: 190 ✭✭
    Still my favourite memory on the golf course was from boxing day around 11-12 years ago, a bunch of our family were out playing 9 holes in the evening at our local muni, we were the only ones on the course so we were playing as a group of 8 with 4 more wives/mothers spectating. My 8 year old cousin (who is now 19 and is a +2) who was playing with his brand new Christmas set of clubs which he had to grip down to the bottom of the grip, had his first hole in one from just over 110 yards! Luckily there wasn't anyone else on the course because you would have heard the yelling on any other hole on the course, such an awesome memory and to have all of us there to witness it made it that much more special for everyone image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    Some great stories in here, keep them coming!
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  • Drewmiller07Drewmiller07 Members Posts: 157 ✭✭
    FKA HB wrote:

    I saw a hawk rip a squirrel from the ground about 20 feet from me. That squirrel made the most surprised noise as it was carried off to its undoubtedly horrible death. Still makes me smile to this day...

    This is incredible haha
  • ckayckay Members Posts: 3,923 ✭✭
    Playing Kapalua with my wife. She's a new golfer and it was the first time she played on vacation. "We should always play golf on vacation!"
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  • NaptimeNaptime Members Posts: 609 ✭✭
    Probably my son's first par or something like that.
  • zitozito Members Posts: 16
    Played at Galloway national in south Jersey, really awesome track, back to back eagles, a traditional one on a par 5 then a holed sane wedge from 105 out, something I'll never do again and will never forget
  • kc_hackerkc_hacker Members Posts: 61 ✭✭
    Not a moment, but a stretch of holes for a friend of mine. This was probably 10 years ago, maybe more. If he had in index it would be at least in the 20s, possibly 30s. He only gets out a few times a year due to marriage/child obligations. He birdied three consecutive holes, which probably doubled his lifetime total. It was incredible and I have no idea how he did it. He doesn't either. A couple years prior he had holed out from 150 yards for an eagle, which to that point was the only memorable golf story he had.

    We played a few months ago. He shot "about 100", with some liberal gifts thrown in. The turkey story always comes up, and he always finished with the same statement - "I still haven't made a birdie since." That makes me chuckle every time.
  • rosyrosy ClubWRX Posts: 38 ClubWRX
    Golfed with my Dad / Brothers in Calgary (high altitude/ low humidity); flew a 400 yard green with my drive, ball landed 5 feet past the hole and rolled 2 feet in front of it... missed the eagle putt. Ha!
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  • Mozjo33Mozjo33 I play a lot...just not well. Members Posts: 532 ✭✭
    My moment was on the range. I've been trying to get both my girls interested in golf for years with no success. Last summer my oldest asked me to take her to the range. We had a great time (she's actually very good) and even enjoyed an adult beverage afterwards.
  • SecondandGoalSecondandGoal Members Posts: 156 ✭✭
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    Playing in a tournament qualifier at my club, matched up with 3 guys I didn't know. Walked up to the first tee, it's 3 older guys (60+) who all look familiar. I notice that they're all wearing lanyards with some sort of card or ticket in it. I look closer, and it's the card from my father's memorial service.

    Turns out all 3 guys were part of the group my father had been playing with at another course nearby for decades. I had played with a couple of them years ago, and vaguely recognized them because they had all come to my dad's memorial service (in the middle of a blizzard). One of them had recognized me shortly after I joined the club, and set it up with the pro so that they could be grouped with me.

    Needless to say I had to step off the tee for a couple minutes to compose myself. Turned out to be a great round. I played like crap, but heard so many great stories about my father that it didn't matter in the least.
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  • jimb6golfjimb6golf Members Posts: 1,528 ✭✭
    Meeting some incredible people while playing. From captains of industry to authors to everyday normal people. I've had some great conversations with people that I've played with.
  • tsecortsecor Loading........ Members Posts: 4,135 ✭✭
    I saw a guy wreck his golf cart trying to do a stunt down a slippery hill...nobody got hurt, but from a distance it looked awesome.....
  • BarfolomewBarfolomew #worstWRXer Members Posts: 1,251 ✭✭
    Parked in cart on top of hill on highest tee and a hawk was riding the wind about 10 feet off my bow and we hung out for an extended time....cooler then an eagle
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  • 0351Duffer0351Duffer Members Posts: 126 ✭✭
    Watching my wife miss a hole in one by about 2.5 inches last year. She'd been playing less than 3 months at the time! I took a pic, she was super excited!

    The first time I broke 100... I didn't reallize I'd done it until the round was over and I added up the card. I was with a good golfing buddy and we had a great round, then I realized I broke 100.

    Yesterday, I broke 90 for the first time. Again, didn't realize it was possible until the 18th hole.

    Funniest moment... watching an old golfing buddy swing their putter at their bag after four putting, he missed the bag and chopped the head off his driver! Us picking up the driver head and carrying to the next tee box (long par 5) and handing it to him. Priceless!
  • RobERobE Members Posts: 169
    Back when I was a kid, many many moons ago, meeting Arnold Palmer and actually talking to him.

    It's quite a long story, so I won't bore you all here, but it was pretty much one of the highlights of my childhood.
  • platgofplatgof platgof ClubWRX Posts: 1,439 ClubWRX
    Watching the deer come down in the evening from the hills, when I am finishing up a round.
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  • foxy222foxy222 Members Posts: 82 ✭✭
    Fire rock country club AZ- driving range

    Warming up on the range before my round and there was a group of guys hitting next to me. Instantly I could tell one of the guys was someone but couldn’t tell under the hat and sunglasses. Then one of the guys asked if he was in the new baywatch movie which he responded no I was just in the promo. It was then it set in that Michael Phelps was hitting balls next to me. It was the wildest thing I had experienced.
  • tsecortsecor Loading........ Members Posts: 4,135 ✭✭
    I met Obama on a course once....
  • b.heltsb.helts Members Posts: 2,842 ✭✭
    My brother and I play each year in a better ball tournament. A few years ago we are in the final group on the final day and come to 18 down 1 to a team that went low. They are on the putting green just to the left of the 18 th green.

    18 is a reachable par 5. I’m just off the green in two and my brother is on in two about 25 feet away. I chip up to 4 feet and go ahead and finish. I make 4, guaranteeing a playoff.

    There are about 200 or so people around the green and my brother reads his putt and I ask if he’s got it. He looks at me and smiles and says, I got it. He steps up and holes it for 3 to win. The guys on the practice green huff off, slam their putter in their bags and bolt. I give my brother a hug and he says “told you I got it”

    Man! Makes me smile just writing it down. My favorite moment on the golf course.
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