When is it time to "retire" a golf ball????



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    Kmac wrote:
    A new ball on the first tee of a new round every time. After that if by some rare chance a ball makes it a whole round I put in the bag for later so if during a round that I'm spraying and praying a lot I'll use a old ball. If a huge or deep cut shows up I'll swap it out.

    I had to check the name for who wrote this because I would’ve said the absolute identical thing.

    I always tee up with a new ball on the first tee. If I hit a ball out of play, in the water, etc, my drop will be with one of the few “used” balls in my bag. Depending on how I’m feeling at the end of that hole, I’ll either keep playing with it or pull out a new ball on the next tee.

    Something mental for me about teeing up on the first tee with a new ball. It’s just a requirement to get my head in the game.

    haha respect knuckles!

    I'm the same way, just feel like its the right thing to do on the first tee.
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    103 & counting....... image/taunt.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':taunt:' /> Barely a mark too....... Playing "away" game tomorrow, so probably will lose it then.
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    I play them til I lose them. At a +16 that usually isn’t to long. But currently on a 81 hole streak with the same ball! One little scuff but can’t tell a difference in play (I never could)
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    It's time to "retire" the ball when itʻs an ACE. I have two retired. ; )
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    I buy used golf balls so I retire them when playing after 18 holes, I tend to use one ball, given it doesn't find the pond or trees lol.
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    I like to use fresh balls on the weekend and then retire those balls when I'm putting the clubs away to use during the weeks solo/practice rounds, then retire those practice balls on friday to the shagbag for yard balls. That isn't as big of a waste as it sounds like with the lovegrass and wooded areas on my home course. I burn about 5-6 balls a week and add 1 or 2 to the shag bag that I have to pull 1 or 2 out of every couple weeks when my playing balls head off to Narnia.
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    A golf ball is designed to withstand 100 full strikes before the core will start to lose pop and crack internally. 2-3 full rounds by a player is fine if the cover is in good shape.

    For me personally, it gets tossed once there is a significant abrasion to the cover from a wedge, which is about twice a round generally.

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    Played with a guy once who hit one in the water on a par 3. He proceeded to pull

    out a new sleeve of ProV1’s and hit them in the water, too. I asked him why he didn’t just hit an old ball. He said he had never owned one.
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    Play it till it goes thru a window or at the bottom of a pond !!!
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    Play them until they are gone...it will eventually happen
  • Under2hoursUnder2hours Members Posts: 1,396 ✭✭
    Ended streak at 173....... Lost 4 since (and retired another due to "road rash")...... Nice run while it lasted.......
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    Count me in for the same reasons as stated before... if there's a rough spot on the cover, it's uneven drag and will play differently. It's as stated; common impacts with rough surfaces... trees, cart paths, buildings... whoops.

    My answer is the moment a ball is asymmetrical, it's a practice ball.

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    1. Cart path scrape

    2. Visible obvious wear from over 18 holes of use.

    3. I always start the round with a fresh ball, if I lose a ball I often pull an older one from the bag that is still usable to finish the round.

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    Unless I hit a cart path or building hard enough to peel off the cover (not just scuffed, but actual cut), I keep playing them until I send it into a watery grave or in a yard with a very big dog. I've played quite a few with minor scuffs and did not notice a huge difference. Although, my actual skill level is probably low enough that there are other factors in play that overcome any effects from a scuffed ball.
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