Walked off the first hole in shame today.



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    When the going gets worse than bogey golf, I have to remember "enjoy the walk, nobody was killed"
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    In retrospect, a funny story. I had a physically laborious job on a Friday and woke up Saturday aching all over. It was very difficult to swing a golf club, and my Saturday set tee time was waiting for me. I get up to the first tee, unable to get loose, body still aching, and attempt to tee off with driver. I swung and hit the ball off the toe of the club and it went directly 90 degrees from the line of the fairway, popped up about 50 yards and landed on the practice putting green almost hitting somebody. Every golfer knows what it feels like, all eyes are on you when teeing off the first tee. I heard several muffled chuckles and of course was embarrassed. I'm usually pretty decent off the tee with the driver, but not that day. I completed the round although and never really loosened up as the body had enough. I'll never forget that tee shot
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    Never whiffed a shot, so I think if I ever did it on my first swing, I'd pick up the ball and leave. That would be an even better story for you and the other people image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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    You gotta get back on that horse and ride. Honestly the best thing to do is crack a beer and relax a little bit. I've had starts like yours and 95% of the time it was because I was just too tensed up and hadn't swung a club in a long time. After the first couple bad shots you tense up even more. Just relax, realize your score is completely boned, and try to at least try to loosen up and get the feel of your swing back.
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    In 2008, I was playing in a Men's league. I developed the sh*nks on the first hole and finished shooting a 68 for 9 holes.

    It was my "rock bottom" I would have walked off #3 had my playing partners not encouraged me to stay.

    After that, I checked my ego and committed to make a complete swing change. I also educated myself on the golf swing, ball fight laws and a very good instructor.
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