Dad's Ping Karsten I Pat. Pending Irons and Pat Pending Woods

I figured this would be the kind of place, where people might enjoy seeing these. My dad bought them in 80s at a yard sale for $50. We collect golf clubs of all sorts, but only recently started selling off a lot of clubs. Most of what we have are just cool playable examples of technology changes, we weren't trying to find anything rare or valuable, just cool stuff to whack range balls with really. He was a very good golfer when I was young, until he lost some fingers in an accident at work, and he's been years getting back into it.

This was the first really quality set of clubs he had, and he played them off and on my whole life, but as he gets older he only really plays his Callaways anymore. I sent the info to Pong, to see what the whole bag, might be worth. My dad thinks a lot of the clubs and wants them to end up with someone who is more of a true collector than we are, or someone who plans to play them often. Both of us really hate seeing vintage sets busted up, and I've actually never seen this complete of a set of the Pat Pending stuff. Ironically the pitching wedge is currently leaning up in a corner of the garage or house, hiding from us, but we found the Anser 2 he forgot came with it while looking for the P. I'll take a better group photo as soon as I find the P.

I've done my research pretty well, but can't find info on serial numbers, they're older than the records Ping held onto. I figured you guys might have an idea what year they actually are, and generally just like to see them. 2-9, S, P, Anser 2, and 1w, 3w, 4w, and 5w.


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    Those are mint!! I used the 3rd version of these changers for us amateurs and still very much playable today. Plus they stay in great condition as the early pings are best on indestructible
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    My Dad played Karsten I irons - he bought them new when they first came out. I inherited his PING love. image/smilie_ping.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':smilie_ping:' />

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  • bellview17bellview17 Just chilling in the time out box Members Posts: 915
    Whoa, I love me some Ping irons and wood type woods.
  • resnorresnor Members Posts: 455 ✭✭
    I love those woods.
  • rex235rex235 ClubWRX Posts: 3,993 ClubWRX

    Very Nice.

    Your PING woods and Karsten I irons have Reg. Nos, and PING has kept it's records, so don't be afraid to get info from them.

    Though your Ping Anser 2 is not the older "Pat Pend." version, am certain there are big fans of this model.

    Only item missing is the PING bag...
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