Bushnell Pro X2 VS Nikon Coolshot 80i VR

I'm down to deciding between these 2 similarly priced rangefinders. I've searched all over the net /youtube for an unbiased comparison & no luck. Looking for some insight to help in my decision.


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    I had a problem seeing through the Nikon with sunglasses on - everything was pretty much too dark to see. It's almost as if Nikon put an extra polarizing filter on their lens that was interfering with the sunglasses I was wearing. If you would turn the Nikon 90 degrees, you could see through it.

    I'm not certain if it was a problem with Oakley prizm lenses also or just polarized lenses, but I never had an issue using sunglasses with Bushnell or Precision Pro rangefinders. It was fine without sunglasses - just something that you may want to test first if you have the chance.

    I would think if it was a common problem with the Nikon rangefinders I would have heard about it somewhere when I was researching, but I'm the only one I know of that had that issue. Been using rangefinders for 17 years without a problem, but had that same issue testing 3 different Nikon 80is.
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    Thank you for your insight.
  • North ButteNorth Butte Members Posts: 9,911 ✭✭
    I've used other Bushnells but never that particular model. For me the bottom line is any rangefinder with the Vibration Reduction is better than any rangefinder without it. Pretty clear-cut preference for me, it makes all the difference in the world once you spend 10 minutes getting used to how the VR kicks in after a second or so and stabilizes the image (i.e. you have to wait a second for it to lock on and then move it to your target).

    I wear my normal everyday progressive lens glasses when playing golf and the Nikon works fine, although I think I may not always quite see all the way out to the very edge of the field of view. It feels like I am seeing the whole view but probably in reality I'm only seeing 90% or so due to the eye relief.
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  • PikoPiko Members Posts: 3
    Yes, the VR has huge appeal for me and many have raved about the tech, especially those of us north of 50.
  • kmccallumkmccallum Members Posts: 3
    I've got the Nikon and played with it last week for the first time. Takes a bit of getting used to but the VR is very effective compared to when I've tried other rangefinders
  • BenSeattleBenSeattle Members Posts: 538 ✭✭
    After a great deal of research and demoing, I settled on the Nikon 80 VR. I'm VERY price-conscious so anything over $300 was out. I was considering one of the highly-reviewed "discount" brands you can find on Amazon butt when a respected review site (initials M.G.S) named the Nikon Coolshot STABILIZED as their "Rangefinder of the Year," I took a closer look at Nikon's line. That number one pick was out for me (since Slope adds to the cost) but when I found the Coolshot 80 VR, this guy fell in love. First, no Slope. (The near-twin i80 VR does have that feature.) Fast, accurate, easy to read, 6x magnification. But what really sold me was the Stabilization feature. My hands aren't shaky but anybody would have trouble holding steady on a target more than 200 yards away and that's where the 80 VR wins out. Find your target, click and instantly the Coolshot becomes calm in your hands, almost a gyroscopic effect as it locks onto the flag. Also, I don't get this talk about lens coatings being a problem... I use it on dark, cloudy days in Seattle without missing a beat. Oh, and it's rainproof too, if that matters to you. I paid well under $300 from GolfTech. (Where I have no affiliation.)

    To my mind, this is another area where it's hard to go wrong, there's just so many good products out there. Leopold, Bushnell and even some "off-brands" like TecTecTec have their advocates. It all depends on what you want in a rangefinder and what fits your budget. (All I know is: SOMEBODY has to pay Rickie Fowler and it ain't me!)

    *** One side note: I have great friend -- also a fine golfer -- and when I asked him about a rangefinder he said he had no use for them. He carries an accurate but moderately-priced GPS unit that gives him front/middle/back in about three seconds. I don't think I could give him a rangefinder if I tried. Despite his valued opinion, I still went with the laser. See: to each his own.

    Happy golfing
  • gc444gc444 Lefty Boomers Posts: 408 ✭✭
    I tried out the 80i VR and the optical stabilization is really good and the rangefinder itself is very accurate. The only reason I returned it is because I decided to get the Garmin, but the Nikon is an excellent unit.
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