Sensicore vs Prosoft inserts

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Hello friends,

I've been using Sensicore inserts for a while and it doesn't look like they are available anymore. Can anyone compare prosoft?

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    Haven't done a comparison myself (I've only had experience with the Prosoft) - but I do remember reading an article that compared several of the shock absorption inserts - including Sensicore, Prosoft, Ping's cushion, even DIY hardware store foam, wooden dowels, (and maybe a few others I don't remember). It wasn't a very scientific approach and of course it was only the opinion of the few who participated in the testing, but the Prosofts had higher ratings compared to all the others. So if the Sensicores worked for you, then I wouldn't hesitate to try the Prosofts.
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    Can't compare, but i use prosofts in every iron/wedge. They work for me and are dirt cheap. Invest in the tool to install them. Around $20 if i recall correctly.
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    Prosofts do work. I've been using them for a few years now and love them.

    I can't directly compare them to Sensicore though since that would require a side by side test using the same base iron shaft.

    Sensicore weighs about 4 grams and a Prosoft 1.4 grams. When True Temper designed their Sensicore version shafts (some of them anyway), Dynamic Gold for example, they thinned out the steel section to offset the added weight and because of that they feel softer.

    Sorry for the diversionary response. I'd go Prosoft and get on with life. If you need more damping than these go graphite. Or install Prosofts inside graphite (that's what I did).
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    I use Prosoft inserts and really like them. I have always had graphite shafts and when I went to steel I couldn't tell the difference on off center ball strikes. Buy the tool and watch the YouTube video.
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    I’ve used the Prosoft in the past and have been thinking about ordering more. I really liked them and I still have the insertion tool.
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    I ordered some, going to be coming to see you soon with a few projects!
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    Titleist 816 H1 18* w/Diamana D+ 90X
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    I used pro soft inserts in all my irons. They really do reduce the vibration and pretty much eliminated any tendonitis issues I once had.

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    Prosofts are a no brainer in all steel shafts. They weigh about 1g and really do reduce vibration
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