Help me pick my next shaft experiment for my M1 3 wood

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I'm a hobby builder and looking at my next shaft experiment for my 2017 M1 3 Wood. (I know one of the most discussed topics on the forurms, fairway shafts)

I historically like high 70-80 gram shafts in the fairway and typically go mid launch but in all the M fairways I launch them high so I've been trying low launch options.

History: Play an M2 Driver with Matrix 70M4 tipped an inch with success but this is the lightest driver shaft I've played coming typically from 80 gram range, Ahina 80, RIP Alpha 80, etc.

Swing: Lots of lag with very late release and typically -2-3 AOA.

Current 3 Wood setup: M1 15* with Fubuki Alpha 70X tipped 1.5". This was an experiment in itself as I thought the shaft might be over-tipped and it is. Not so much in stiffness but the tip is so locked down I can't move that ballflight around like I prefer in a 3 wood.

I have multiple shafts I've lined up as the replacement to the Fubuki: :

1. Matrix 70M4 - Do I match the exact setup in my driver to in "theory," achieve the exact same feel/release? As I said earlier I'm having success with this shaft in the M2 as it has beat Rogue 70, F7M2LTD, RIP 80

2. Speeder 757 TS - Liked this shaft in 16 M1 and 16 M2, launched higher than I would have thought but was laser straight and still long.

3. UST Tour V2 86 - Tour only Gold/White/Black color scheme looks fairly sick in the black/white head, it's also tipped 1.5" so might have the same issue as with Fubuki but V2s typically handle more tipping without losing playability in my experience.

4. Matrix 80M4 - bought this thinking let's go heavier in the 3 wood with same driver profile but not sure that's the case as the torque rating is higher? Also intrigued to try this in driver now since I haven't cut it down yet but I'm having great success with the current driver setup so probably shouldn't mess with it coming from MANY failed experiments where you try to squeeze a little more out of something that's already working well.

I don't get to play as much as I used to otherwise I'd tip them all up with quickset and head to the range so I'm trying to get it right on first try :-) I realize this is overkill but always love hearing feedback from other users who have the same sickness I do so if you're open to it rank your choices from the list above please do.

Thanks in advance!


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    I have a 2016 M1 3/5 wood but I put a 76gr yellow hzrdus in my 3 wood and an 83 Gr yellow hzrdus in my 5 wood and they are phenomenal. Very mid launch low spin and long. Easy to get off the deck as well. They can be had for 80-100 even with a TM tip so not too expensive to try.
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    What's your driver swingspeed?
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    about 115 avg, topping at 118/119ish
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    I just got a new M4 Tour 3W with a Fujikura Pro 73 TS X-flex shaft..... it's significantly "stouter" and seems to release differently IMO than my old 757 Evo TS X in my 2016 M1. I've only played two rounds with it, but have hit it well. Typical shot shape with the M1/757 was a draw that can get over cooked into a hook, typical shot shape with the M4/Pro 73 is straight that I can draw if needed.

    Alot of times I felt like I'd have to "back off" of the M1/757 to hit it straight, as a full swing + full release would always draw. This was not the case with current driver shaft (Tensei Pro Orange).... it could keep up with me going full speed and not bat an eye. I wanted a 3W with a shaft that I "go hard" at and not have it over draw. In other words, I wanted one swing for both the driver and the 3W for the sake of consistency.

    In the 2 rounds with the M4/Pro 73, my shot shape with driver was the same as M4, which is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

    Not sure if that helps, but it's my experience.

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    thlongball wrote:

    about 115 avg, topping at 118/119ish

    If you liked that speeder 757 ts then take a look at the speeder 757 evo 2. Go x flex and tip it at least an inch, maybe 2 (mine is tipped 2 inches in a 17 m2). From what to could find, that evo model was the lowest launching of all the speeder evos. It's counter balanced and feels really solid in the butt and mid sections.
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    OP, I’m in the same swing speed range as you 114/118 & ive gravitated to matching my driver & 3w shafts of late.

    I’m currently loving my Kiyoshi Gold 75x in both Driver & 3w, swinging with such confidence. I also have a Matrix 7x3x combo that I really like in both clubs.

    These shafts are both billed as high launch but are definitely mid in my book & crazy long, I know this my not be of any value but just adding my 2c about the same driver & 3w shafts.
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    Update: since I had success with 757TS in 16 M1 i’m Trying that first if no go then i’m going with Fubman suggestion and dropping in 70m4 or 80m4.

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