Sunglasses - do you use them on the course ?

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Silly question but I never felt comfortable with sunglasses on the course - I now realize they are important in protecting eyes from sun damage

My regular day to day sunglasses just don't seem like they would stay put while swinging -

Any recommendations for a good fitting , light weight , polarized sunglasses suitable for golf is most welcome image/blind.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':blind:' />


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    Yes. Or, rather, my normal glasses are photochromic so they darken according to ambient light. I don't normally notice the effect but they can be a nuisance on bright, cold, winter days. That's because the reaction is faster and stronger in cold temperatures so while everyone else is enjoying a gorgeous winter day I'm playing in twilight :-/
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    Always use sunglasses.

    Costa Del Mar!
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    Always play in sunglasses. Maui Jim's, Oakley and Bolle have all been used. Never have had an issue with sliding or them falling off.
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    I think good sunglasses are very important to protect your eyes. Think about how much you are looking up! I would recommend Oakleys with no rim along the bottom of the frame. Staple golfers glasses! My personal fav's Fast Jackets which are discontinued. I have three or four sets of lenses for all lighting conditions.
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    I wear Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses. Protect your eyes!
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    I never really wore them before, I bought some polarized Electric glasses as I read you can supposedly read the green a little easier, but ditched them after a few rounds. My optometrist was always encouraging me to wear them in order to protect my eyes from the sun. I recently had Lasik surgery and at this point, any time I am outside I need to wear sunglasses. I've played my last handful of rounds with them and they dont bother me. They also sit snug enough that I am never worried about them falling off during a swing. I want to get another pair, I really liked the Nike ones Casey wore at the Valspar tournament.
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  • GHIN n JuiceGHIN n Juice Wingpointe GC...Never Forgotten Members Posts: 1,679 ✭✭
    I have REALLY wanted to be able to play in sun glasses. I wear sunglasses to do everything outside. I have a few pair of Maui Jim’s I wear daily and I’ve tried to where them on the course but I can’t do it. I’ve tried Maui Jim, Oakley, Costa, etc. and just can’t do it.
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    Almost always have the MJs on. Many people here will recommend the Oakley glasses for golf. I have tried them and they are very nice. I am on the water every day and as such wear the Maui Jims. Some find the glass lenses heavy but after decades of use I don't notice it. For golf specific I would probably try the Oakleys if you like the designs. Just be careful, there are more fake Oakleys than real ones out there.
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    If the sun is out I'm wearing sunglasses. My personal choice is Oakley's, but as others have mentioned there are lots of good options.
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    The other day I walked 18 without shades, had a headache the rest of the evening. I have three pair, $5 each; I always seem to lose or break anything more expensive.
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  • 3sip3sip Members Posts: 408
    Costa del Mar for bright sun, smith low light ignitor for cloudy days. I always take them off when putting.
  • blackngold_bloodblackngold_blood Golf Ball Whacker Guy Members Posts: 993 ✭✭
    Big Ben wrote:

    I think good sunglasses are very important to protect your eyes. Think about how much you are looking up! I would recommend Oakleys with no rim along the bottom of the frame. Staple golfers glasses! My personal fav's Fast Jackets which are discontinued. I have three or four sets of lenses for all lighting conditions.

    +1. These are what I always wear golfing. I am in the camp of wearing them even when putting. Once you have them on your eyes adjust to them and taking them off requires your eyes to readjust. IMO not a good thing to have to do before reading a green, but I suck at putting so maybe I should take them off!!!!!

    Work in progress and will be updated after St. Andrews!!

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  • randywildmanrandywildman Members Posts: 875 ✭✭
    Wear Oakley flak Field prizm xl's every round, never take them off, except to shake hands at the end of the round.
  • j-robj-rob Members Posts: 1,080 ✭✭
    Oakley Radar EV for me every round. They have the Prizm lenses.
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    Anyone have a problem with depth perception wearing sunglasses? Are there lenses that dont change your depth perception? I feel like I don't make as good of contact.

    Maybe just in my head
  • RickKimbrellRickKimbrell Members Posts: 1,485 ✭✭
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    I am a big fan of the older style Oakley Radar Pitch. Really do not care for the Radar Pitch EV style. I always like the styling of the Oakley Half Jacket XL but they just looked way too small on my face.

    I never wore sunglasses to play golf before I had cataract surgery but the ophthalmologist who did my surgery said I needed them because of sensitivity to light and he was correct.

    It has been a number of years now since the surgery so my eyes are not as sensitive to the light as they were. Often times I never wear sunglasses playing.

    I do not wear dark colored lenses. I prefer light gray/light amber/amber lenses.

    I also have 2 pair of NYX Competition sunglasses that are great for golf. I have both light and medium amber lenses for them.
  • SocratesSocrates How can it be so *&#% hard to make a shoulder turn? WinnipegClubWRX Posts: 9,297 ClubWRX
    Just have to say, you’ve got to be foolish to not wear good sunglasses at all times while playing. You only get one pair of eyes and you’ve got to protect them. I didn’t start wearing sunglasses early enough and now I’ve got issues with halos at night. Totally avoidable if I had started wearing them early on.
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  • RobNY22RobNY22 Members Posts: 408 ✭✭
    I wear sunglasses even when it’s overcast. Currently wear Oakley Flak 2.0 and was interested in their new TargetLine which has more of a lifestyle look to it, but when I put them on I noticed that the bottom of the frame was all in my view which is distracting to me.

    To me Flak 2.0’s work well because I can throw them on the back of my head easily when reading greens. it’s a matter of personal taste. Some people don’t want to look like they are playing shortstop while on the golf course.
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  • Petunia SprinklePetunia Sprinkle Future King of France Unregistered Posts: 5,362 ✭✭
    I’ve never been much for wearing sunglasses, but I got a pair a while back at the suggestion of a friend. When noticing my putting had gone somewhat sour, instead of switching putters, changing my stroke and watching a whole pile of YouTube putting videos, I tried playing without the sunglasses. My putting came back. Haven’t played with them since.
  • LottaoutsLottaouts Members Posts: 125
    I also have convinced myself that i play and especially putt better without sunglasses. I wear prescription glasses with "normal " uv coated lenses while playing golf. I believe this is much better protection than someone who doesn't need prescription glasses and has no coated lenses to protect his eyes. Am i correct ?

    Isn't this "enough" eye protection ?

    If normal uv coating is not enough eye protection, is it possible to get non-tinted lenses with a "super coating" that will better protect my eyes ?

    I can't imagine a four hour car drive on a bright day without sunglasses but four hours on golf course turf seems like no strain on my eyes.
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    When I lived in New Mexico i started wearing them. The sun is brutal there. But i moved away and slowly stopped using them. I wear progressive regular glasses but had a pair of non progressive sunglasses made just for golf.
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    Oakleys with prizm. Try on a few pairs and you'll see the difference. And they wont fall off during the swing I assure you.
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    I wear prescription sunglasses all the time. While it's always going to be a personal preference kinda thing, I did a lot of research before ordering my latest pair (including getting information from someone at a vapor coatings company that does glasses for sport) and I went with a slightly less common color combination. For me, 80% brown with a blue mirror works very well for golf in clouds and sun. I prefer non-polarized, but again, that is just a personal preference.

    The reds/roses are interesting too, but I couldn't get used to the more extreme color variances. The blue mirror over brown tint is extremely high contrast and while the colors are more vivid, they are still close to their unfiltered/natural color. I used to take my old polarized sunglasses off to putt, but with this new color combination I leave them on, as I honestly believe I can see more detail in the greens.

    If you have frames, I can't recommend this place enough for lens quality and price. I was very, very surprised by how high quality their work is (I have NO connection with this company in any way).
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  • StanksStanks Everything I post is confrontational Members Posts: 1,278 ✭✭
    Always wear sunglasses on a course. I'm at the point of if I don't wear them, then I feel wrong haha.

    As for which ones to wear, I like my Oakley Fuel Cells (Polarized), Ray Ban ORIGINAL Wayfarer (Polarized), and probably my most favorite glasses to play in are all of my knock - off / promotional sun glasses I've gathered for the past 5 - 10 years from concerts, events, bars, promotions, sports leagues etc. etc. These are the best because they're free, do their job, and actually can take a beating. I would feel way less bad if I messed these up.
  • PoolpartyPoolparty Members Posts: 174 ✭✭
    I'm out on polarized glasses while playing. I'm a big fan of my Oakley's tho. The price is lower but the quality is higher if anything compared to other shade's I've had at 2/3 times the price, and the best part is the fit and weight. No chance they're going to fall off.
  • Yanki01Yanki01 TEXASMembers Posts: 6,077 ✭✭
    I used to never play with sunglasses. that changed about 6yrs ago or so. haven't NOT worn sunglasses on the course since. been an Oakley wearer since i was a teen. for the course it's Oakley Flak 2.0 with Prizm Golf. Off the course it's the same Flak 2.0 but can swap for Voilet, Jade, Sapphire or Ruby - all polarized. the frame is light, comfortable, flexible and doesn't move.
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  • ef131313ef131313 Members Posts: 99
    I even wear them when it’s raining. Recently replaced my Oakley’s with Maui Jim’s and really like them.
  • nogamejamesnogamejames Members Posts: 1,171 ✭✭
    I wear sunglasses whenever I'm outside, rain, overcast whatever. Since I've had LASIK I have to, my eyes are super sensitive to the sun now. I have a few pairs of gascans with prism lenses.
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  • jmfawley84jmfawley84 Members Posts: 135 ✭✭
    Pair of Oakley flak jackets with a couple different lenses options.
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