Playing vs Practice

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Of course both are needed to maximize development

But juniors are busy, so what’s the ideal % mix based on improvement per hour given a certain amount of time?

Would guess if very little time, % would lean towards practice on range/greens. As available hours increase, it would shift more towards playing on the course?


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    My daughter’s coach wants her to play as much as possible. He said only hit a bunch of balls if you have something specific that you are workin on otherwise you learn how to score by playing.
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    Just hitting balls on the range is a waste of time. Also playing the same course doing the same shots all the time is not good. Both are needed but they really need to practice shots that help them save par.

    You always need to work on things that are out the norm for them. The best practice is an empty course in the afternoon and being able to practice shots that they seem have trouble with. A good example is perhaps place a ball under a tree with low hanging branches but a clear shot to the green.

    The best players can almost always save par when the ball gets into trouble.
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    It depends on the individuals proficiency in ball striking, short game, and putting. Devote enough time on the range and green to gain/remain proficient but play as often as possible (especially that last hour of the day) to practice what you need help with the most.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, practice gets you to a certain point and playing makes you better.
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    you have to play to get better, no other way around it the more you play the better you will get. I do believe in range time to get better, some say unless you are working on things, don't know any one who isn't aways working on something. You need to spend the time on the range with specific goals not just hitting balls. hit with a purpose.
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