Bushnell NEO XS not showing some courses.

My NEO XS appears to have died after about 3 years. It was working fine until I decided since it was about 3 yrs old that I should update the databases for the courses I usually play since there have been some course changes. Now it picks up some courses all around me but not the specific one I play each week OR the one I happen to live on. iGolf folks told me how to clear the watch (hold all four buttons down simultaneously then hit play golf and let the satellites do their thing) but still no luck. The iGolf site says I'm connected and that its reading my watch and it says its downloaded the selected courses, but still no luck. Since its out of warranty Bushnell said to send it in to them and they'd let me know if they can fix it, for a fee.

Any observations? I see from some older posts that 3-4 yrs is about average for these things.
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