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Matt Parziale - WITB shot @ 2018 US Open

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  • mackepamackepa #TheWRX  3638Members Posts: 3,638
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    Nice bag. The AD TP and Proforce V2 combo in the woods are an interesting choice. I always felt the V2 felt a little boardy and the TP is just smooth as anything out there.
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  • swgolf12swgolf12  973Members Posts: 973
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    Love seeing the Am's bags! Interesting the Rife with Scotty grip.
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    pulling for this cat
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    Was not expecting an Abaco!
  • pcs11pcs11  1211Members Posts: 1,211
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    96 gram piece of rebar in his 3 wood
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  • AscanAscan  465Members Posts: 465
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    Awesome set up. Keep the Am bags coming please!!!!
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  • TTTTTT  413Members Posts: 413
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    love the 3w setup, rocket launcher
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  • theboypinoytheboypinoy  2080Members Posts: 2,080
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    Love the wear and tear on the putter.

    It's been through a few battles image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
  • kobes31kobes31 EFF  801Members Posts: 801
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    Forgive me I'm not up on the Vokey wedges but how is his 58 different from the "normal" 58/6K?
  • AC168AC168  855Members Posts: 855
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    He has a low bounce K
  • Katke87Katke87  152Members Posts: 152
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    Anyone know the significance of the thistle and 1900 logo?
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  • dmagalhaesdmagalhaes  750Members Posts: 750
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    Katke87 wrote:

    Anyone know the significance of the thistle and 1900 logo?

    His home club, Thorny Lea in Brockton, MA.
  • exitlowandleftexitlowandleft  199Members Posts: 199
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    V2 was one of the worst feeling shafts in my opinion...harsh as ****
  • RitocopRitocop Michigan 130Members Posts: 130
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    First time seeing a rife in a minute
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  • adzunoadzuno  13Members Posts: 13
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    kobes31 wrote:

    Forgive me I'm not up on the Vokey wedges but how is his 58 different from the "normal" 58/6K?

    There isn't a 'normal' 58/6 K Grind, the stock K Grind bounce is 14. Can only get a low bounce K via the WedgeWorks.

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  • PatScanPatScan  332Members Posts: 332
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    Without a driver in the bag he was one of the best ams in New England. Now with the war hammer, he’s one of the best ams in the country.
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  • Shanks2424Shanks2424  314Members Posts: 314
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    love the bag classic shaft 96 gram of v2 goodness.
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    pcs11 wrote:

    96 gram piece of rebar in his 3 wood

    Yeah, and that old V2 is a stout design to begin with. S is like X in that model.

    And, in a 13.5 degree head. And, in the most-open, most-flat, de-lofted setting. It's a little driver.
  • 15th Club15th Club  1876Members Posts: 1,876
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    adzuno wrote:

    kobes31 wrote:

    Forgive me I'm not up on the Vokey wedges but how is his 58 different from the "normal" 58/6K?

    There isn't a 'normal' 58/6 K Grind, the stock K Grind bounce is 14. Can only get a low bounce K via the WedgeWorks.

    Correct. I expect that when he put it in play, it was a proto-only, but it hit retail through the WedgeWorks shortly thereafter. All in all, you could re-create this bag ordering through your pro shop. (With $375 for that driver shaft ;-).

    Anybody notice the end of his putter grip? I expect that life in the bottom of a stand bag is tough on some grips; nobody grinds material off the grip-end, do they?
  • jonn443jonn443 Jonnystx  4647Members Posts: 4,647
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    I have a V2X in my TI 425 TP 10.5* and I absolutely love this club.

    Unfortunately I need a higher ball flight so I may pull it.

    Not to hijack this thread but any recommendations for a higher launch smooth shaft to put in that head?
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  • bladehunterbladehunter Today was a good day... south carolina 28187Members Posts: 28,187
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    A lot of titleist tour heads there. T serials on All woods. And tour serials on All wedges for sure ( hand stamped on hosel ). cool that he got to raid the van And get suited up at some point.
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  • axer13axer13  384Members Posts: 384
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    I have the V2 86X in my 3w, the V2 is such a great shaft.
  • jimb6golfjimb6golf  1642Members Posts: 1,642
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    Good for him finishing low amateur in the US Open. Great accomplishment!!

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