Stewart Hagestad - WITB shot @ 2018 US Open

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    The Cameron putter he uses was one of the early putters made for Adam Scott. Stewart's clubs were stolen and Scotty's staff at the studio worked with Stewart and this putter was the one that he liked.

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    Great job Greg! - I was wondering what he was bagging after I saw he qualified.

    Going from 85 grams in his 2 iron to 125 grams in his irons seems like a crazy change in weight... meanwhile he is one of the best AMs in the country and I am just some @sshole sitting at a desk trying to figure out how to quit coming over the top.
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    That’s a lot of loft on the driver. So used to seeing low lofted drivers cranked wide open

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    Thanks Greg! Awesome job!
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    KBS 610 wedge shafts are the best wedge shafts out there now.
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    Is the best Instagram handle
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    Such a pure set up

    Something I could really see myself playing

    Would love to see him and some of the other Ams play well
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    Cool putter, would be nice to say your putter was made for Adam Scott
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    All Stewart’s loft up on their TM drivers. Cink, Hagestad, etc. It’s a fact.
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    Glad to see that highly decorated AM's are also fearful of changing their putter grip even though it's completely worn out.
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    Thanks Greg! This is one I was looking forward to. I forget what he played in the Mid-Am/Last years Open/Masters/Walker Cup but seems like a decent amount of change.
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    sbjinx wrote:

    That's a lot of loft on the driver. So used to seeing low lofted drivers cranked wide open
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    GoIrish17 wrote:

    KBS 610 wedge shafts are the best wedge shafts out there now.

    Agreed. So stable. I’m stocked they don’t get more tour useage

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