Need a new carry stand bag

Looking for a new stand bag and could use some insight from current owners.

My primary Use Case is as a walker carrying the majority of the rounds, starting to use a clicgear 3.5 push cart more often, and then on a cart when it is mandatory. I have midsize grips, and also like taking extra clubs to the range. I'm retiring a bulletproof Ogio Edge and love the Woode top, durability and customer support. Looked for an Ogio bag first and didn't like the current models.

My list: Mizuno BR-D4 vs Ping Hoofer '18 vs Sun Mountain 4.5 LS vs Callaway Hyper Lite 5 vs Taylormade Flextech.

Mizuno: Like the extra built in cooler pocket in addition to beverage holder; like the looks and magnetic quick pocket

Dislikes - can't find one in Golf Galaxy or Golf Discount local stores

Ping: Like the shoulder straps and large beverage holder, good stand support, black and gold model is sweet

Dislike: Club tangle and weight (felt the heaviest)

SM 4.5: Like the large top. Feels the lightest of the bunch. Stand legs and Materials felt good.

Dislike the beverage holder

Callaway HL 5: Like the woode inspired top! '17 model has nice colors

Dislike the zippers, pockets, materials all felt less than durable.

TM Flextech: Like overall material and solid stand, this bag was the biggest surprise and has me thinking TM has significantly improved

Dislike slender drink holder and worried about club tangle.

Any feedback for Pro's vs Cons would be appreciated! Thanks so much!


  • Kenny Lee PuckettKenny Lee Puckett Members Posts: 3,460 ✭✭
    Jones Bags. either Utility or Classic.
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  • IC3BURGHIC3BURGH Members Posts: 354 ✭✭
    ^ Pet peeve. OP mentioned 5 bags he/she is interested in. First reply is a completely different suggestion.

    I've only used the 4.5, which I would say gets high marks all around. It does everything fairly well, but nothing extraordinary. A hair on the heavy side (for me).

    I'm shopping around for a new bag though, so I have read a lot of feedback. I think the Hoofer would be my pick today, if not for the graphics on the side of the bag. Everyone just raves about these bags. Having played around with a 2018 model in the pro shop recently, I can see why. The pocket layout is exceptional down to the mini pocket on the side of the ball pocket. The biggest two concerns I see having read through feedback is tangle and it being a hair heavy.

    After writing this though, I'm not quite sure why I haven't pulled the trigger. Maybe I have to see if the pro can get me a blank without the graphics.
  • dmaxwellhdmaxwellh Members Posts: 31
    I have tried many! Most recent was the SM 2.5 (literally fell apart). I just sent it back for repair/replacement. i also gave the OUUL bag a try, which is nice. Not a huge fan of the straps on it. Kind of thin. Right now, I am back to a 25 year old Ping Hoofer. It has awesome straps and balance, is only 4.5 lbs., and brings me back to my 20's! I found a truly "like new" one on Ebay and could not be happier! Good luck. Lots of excellent choices out there....
  • a_gorillaa_gorilla Members Posts: 290 ✭✭
    I recently picked up the TM Flextech Lifestyle Canvas bag. I was debating between this and a Hoofer, which the Flextech is basically a clone of.

    I think the pockets and weight were a wash, but what sold me on the Flextech were it actually having some full length dividers (not 5 though), the top 1-2-2 vs the 2-1-1 layout, and aesthetically the canvas print looked better than any of the Hoofer colorways.
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  • byflow2byflow2 Members Posts: 132 ✭✭
    Ping Hoofer is a great bet for what you're looking for. However, the sun mountain is nice too. I think it comes down to if you are going to walk most or use a push cart. If you push the extra felt weight wouldn't be too bad and the ping has nice straps.
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  • LBGolfLBGolf Members Posts: 15
    Ping or ogio I’m my opinion if u like the woodie stick with it my personal fave is the ping hoofer lite is perfect. I play no ping clubs but love the bags. A lot of my customers that have liked the woodie have went onto the hoofer 14
  • dbleagdbleag Members Posts: 2,879 ✭✭
    For those who mention Hoofer "club-tangle", are you referring to this happening when carrying the bag, on a push cart or on a riding cart?
  • kwelifankwelifan Members Posts: 324 ✭✭
    dbleag wrote:

    For those who mention Hoofer "club-tangle", are you referring to this happening when carrying the bag, on a push cart or on a riding cart?

    Happens when carrying (really bad) and using a push cart (happens occasionally). Basically anytime the bag is anything other than vertical, the grips tangle together. When you are carrying, the floor has to shift when you put the bag down, and it jams the grips together. Some people find it extremely aggravating, but some like the other features of the bag enough to ignore it.
  • mankumanku Members Posts: 737 ✭✭
    I too was in the need of a new bag...looked at many (I carry and pull).

    Bought the Hoofer 14...first 14 way bag...and last. Having to shove the clubs in and struggle to pull out was awful...returned it without even playing (carried around house/yard).

    Ended up with a TM Flextech...the 17s are selling for under $140...with coupons/discounts can get for about 110. Aside from a couple color changes, same as 18 for double the price.

    Couldn't be happier.

    PS. I thought about getting Flextech Lite, or a ultralight bag from Callaway/SM - but if I carry I never carry more than 9 clubs...usually 7. So that extra pound or two is not really an issue
  • OakRockHackerOakRockHacker Members Posts: 27 ✭✭
    I looked at the new Hoofers recently in the store and as far as aesthetics and functionality go they seem to be the top of the class. They did seem a tad heavy, and I haven't used a Hoofer in 10+ years so I can't really speak to the club tangle.

    I also have an older bag (Callaway War Bird Hot I believe) with the Woode top, and have really liked the looks of the OGIO Shredder, which also has the Woode top. I haven't been able to see one in person yet, but it looks like it's under 4 lbs and has a good assortment of pockets. I'm leaning that way for my next bag, although it probably won't be for another year or two.
  • duffer987duffer987 Don't feed the Choo. Canadian in CaliforniaMembers Posts: 9,118 ✭✭
    OP do check how the stand mechanism is for the bag you choose in relation to the Clicgear.

    Sun Mountain bags are rubbish on them due to the protruding bit on the bottom. I have a 2.5 when I am going to carry, but I used to have a 3.5 and it just slid all over the place.

    I have a Ping Monsoon Hoofer, which works great on the Clicgear, will assume a standard Hoofer is a similar bottom.
  • Tour_BalataTour_Balata Members Posts: 86
    duffer987: Thanks for that insight! Yes, I've been using my clicgear more often, especially in the middle of the STL summer, and would like the bag to ride well. The 4.5 LS has that nice big top and feels the lightest of the bunch.

    I haven't been able to find the Mizuno BR D4 or the Hyper Lite 5 in the local stores. Just the D3 and the HL 3. I do like manku's suggestion of grabbing a deal on the TM Flextech.
  • Tour_BalataTour_Balata Members Posts: 86
    OakRockHacker: Same thought - Ping feels sturdy, good straps and well made. It feels a little on the heavy side, but there are so many positive reviews hard to ignore.
  • Tour_BalataTour_Balata Members Posts: 86
    kwelifan: Thanks for that, i worry a bit about the tangle on the Ping and TM. My routine is to put my bag down, grab the rangefinder, look at lie / approach and then pull a club. I don't ride a lot, but do use a clicgear, so the bag will be on an angle, but the base shouldn't be activated and the legs stowed. I slid clubs in and out at the store, but couldn't replicate a 14 club load.
  • Tour_BalataTour_Balata Members Posts: 86
    a_gorilla: I didn't notice that about the full length dividers. Thanks!
  • Tour_BalataTour_Balata Members Posts: 86
    Update: Bought a black 2018 Ping Hoofer. Loaded it up with my gear and clubs. Short story: Took it right back. I have midsize grips, club tangle was an instant issue. Pocket capacity was just not impressive. But the number of pocket was good, and the magnetic one was sweet. The main pocket for rain gear was too small. Didn't like the lack of a towel ring. Good stability with legs deployed, but wouldn't stand up in an upright position. Loved, loved the beverage holder. Fairly weighty, loaded was almost 29 lbs.

    Taylormade Flextech - basically same as Ping, but slightly better stand, only 1/2 the base folds. But again, slender pockets and I didn't like the beverage holder. Would do a crossover if it didn't have a 14 way. Construction felt as good, maybe better than the Ping.

    Mizuno BR D4 - I like this one, might be heaviest of the bunch, but good all around. The only one I found was red, and I didn't like that color. D3 was too small for me.

    Callaway Hyper Lite 3 and 5 - the 5 has an Ogio woode top, but not quite as good, especially the putter slot as it doesn't have the raised cuff to protect putter face. I like these and they surprised. However, the style is too flash for me. Almost bought the HL3 in black and grey. Very smart mobile phone and magnetic valuables pockets. Overall, the quality / durability didn't impress like the Ping and TM.

    Sun Mountain - Couldn't find a 5.5 at all. Will be my next choice to try if my new bag doesn't work out.

    New bag? Well, I went with Mizuno alright, but not the BR D4. I was in a small golf shop at a par 3 course, and tucked away in the way back corner was a Mizuno Aerolite 029 in red / black / grey. Love the Kabuki top! That is so cool! Weight is like nothing, less than 4 lbs! I took to this bag immediately. Total kit fully loaded with rain gear, 15 balls, water bottle, sunblock spray, laser rangefinder, club scrubber, umbrella, and towels is under 25 lbs total! Walkers delight! And got a great deal, to boot. Straps are very good, back padding is nice. Love the auto adjust for balancing the load. Stand is stable upright or legs deployed.

    So, I'm good! Thanks to all for the feedback and PMs!
  • dave williedave willie Members Posts: 801 ✭✭
    I've been a Sun Mountain guy for several decades - I've had a couple 3.5 bags, some prior model, plus a Deluxe Speed Cart bag that I currently use when push it. I bought a Ping Hoofer last year, and I'm very pleased with it. The straps are the best around, and it carries so much better than the Sun Mountain bags despite a little bit more weight. I agree that bag tangle is an issue, but the key is to pull out a club or replace it with the bag in a vertical position, then everything goes in or out more smoothly. Since buying the Hoofer, I'm almost exclusively carrying my clubs, not using the Speed Cart & bag. I've lost about ten pounds since going back to lugging my clubs since I retired 1.5 years ago. The Hoofer is nice, but I'd recommend early retirement even more!
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