If you had to buy a driver by SOUND ONLY....

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For years I've played a driver -- to remain unnamed -- that feels fine to me but the sound at impact is... let's say... a bit "unique." Whenever I see/hear somebody else hit this model driver, I can't help but think "Man, that noise is brutal." So here's my question: what's the Best-Sounding Driver Of All-Time? Let's try and keep "sound" completely different from "feel," even though we all know that these sensations go hand-in-hand.

We're not talking about Longest, Most Forgiving, Best-Looking or Most Adjustable... just best-sounding. This includes how the driver sounds when YOU hit it as well as the noise you hear when smacked by someone else. I'm no expert but I've always thought that late-model Titleist drivers had a nice muted "pop," not too loud or harsh.

Your thoughts? Which driver and WHY.
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    I really liked my early 2000’s Cleveland 460 titanium launcher for many years. Very solid THWACK!! Quite satisfying.

    Not dead like the modern taylormades or tinny like the Pings. Very Solid.

    Still a good playable club actually. Spin isnt super low, but very nice shape, sound, deep faced and accurate. Original Graffalloy Blue still on it as well.

    My current 917 is pretty nice now with 12 grams of hot melt in it.. It was Too loud before I added the goo.
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    MacGregor M85W
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    510 TP
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    MacGregor M85W

    jwhite86 wrote:


    510 TP

    These minus the 510TP. Can't beat persimmon sound. **** it would sound good if you hit a brick with it.
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    For a full .830 COR face design, I'd say Titleist 983 and Taylormade 500 series
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    Pretty much any persimmon driver.
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    905 in Metal, McGreggor persimmon for wood.
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    dog flog wrote:
    Pretty much any persimmon driver.

    Exactly, nothing sounds better or feels better.

    Play Golf.....Play Blades......Play Something Else.....Just Go Play.....

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    FT-5 had a nice crack to it.
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    Old school... PowerBilt Citation persimmon driver

    Muted.... Ping G10/20

    Noisy... Cobra F / M Speed

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    Im thinking you meant current drivers since you said which would you buy as no one is looking to buy some 20 year old driver that no one cares about cause dudes round here just gonna brag bout their persimmons .....yeah?

    My G30 LS would lose this contest...ijs
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    FT Tour

    King LTD would be a close second.
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    Callaway Razor fit extreme


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    Barfolomew wrote:

    Im thinking you meant current drivers since you said which would you buy as no one is looking to buy some 20 year old driver that no one cares about cause dudes round here just gonna brag bout their persimmons .....yeah?

    My G30 LS would lose this contest...ijs

    Uh... YES. Not to criticize the persimmon lovers (I had a blond Irving King out of Louisiana that I played for THIRTEEN YEARS) but those "let's play hickory" groups aren't exactly dominating the golf scene. Let's agree that persimmon produced a satisfying thump that sounded as sweet as a Rafa Nadal forehand. But if we stay true to topic, we're pretty much looking at metal drivers from the early 90's on.
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    Powerbilt Citation - Persimmon



  • NokeNoke Members Posts: 2,132 ✭✭
    LTD with some cotton/yarn gets my vote.
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    905r or m2 2016 preferably with a dew grams of melt.
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    Powerbilt Citation - Persimmon



    Love the avatar.... kids have no clue how good these sounded when hit on the screws. THWACK !!

    First golf memory was Frank Beard, Bill Kratzert and Fuzzy Zoeller and their big orange PowerBilt bags and matching 1-3-5 orange headcovers.
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    975D but only above certain speeds.
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    Nike Sasquatch Sumo2. Always thought it made a noise similar to how i imagine a coconut falling out of a tree and connecting with a skull would make.
  • MtlJeffMtlJeff MontrealMembers Posts: 28,493 ✭✭
    Adams 9015D was the perfect driver in so many ways

    crisp feel, nice headshape. Went for miles
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    Callaway MD 2.0 60 PM grind w/s300
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    Sound only? Callaway Epic Sub - Zero with the weight in the back. Nice, dead sound, and the ball takes off like a **** rocket. M3 with weights in the back in semi-similar.
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    1) Any wood driver

    2) Callaway FT-5
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    OG Ping Rapture. Dark, chocolate-ty, yummy delicious thwack. Very persimmon-esque
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