If you had to buy a driver by SOUND ONLY....



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    Callaway FT-3.

    Cracked 3 of them before they sent me an FT-5 but that noise is the song of my teenage years.
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    The one that yells "POW" after you hit it.
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    Krank F5. Sounds like a softball bat on a fence post. Heads turn, people look. I never hit it at the range.
    Turn over damnit!
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    Japanese driver grand golf have unique impact sound.
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    Rain mans brother talking about Wopner.

    Excellent driver, excellent driver.
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    Can't compare with persimmon, but 910D3 for me.
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    I think the PING G400 (not the Max) sounds really good especially compared to G30 and G series drivers.
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    Nike vapor flex 440
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    R510TP followed very closely by the FT9-TA
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    I'm not sure what the best is, but I can tell you the worst is whatever the guy 5 places down from me at the range was hitting the other day. ****, that was one loud, ear-piercing sound.

    I thought it might be the Nike SQ or whatever that thing was called, but it looked more like a Ping G or G30.

    I do think the G400 is a massive improvement on the G and G30 in terms of sound, but the Cobra King LTD sounded good to me as well.
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    Kylekoz17 wrote:

    Nike vapor flex 440

    l wasn't a huge fan of the feel, but the sound was awesome
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    Nearly any of the old, sub-315cc, maraging steel faced drivers. Really loved that sound.

    I abhor drivers that sound anything close to an aluminum baseball bat.

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    I’ve found that the same driver sounds different when you hit it, than when you are standing back and someone else hits it. Same kind of thing as how your voice sounds to you when you are talking vs. when you hear yourself talk on a recording.

    That being said, while hitting, I loved the sound of my old callaway razr hawk. I also liked the sound of the FT drivers and a bunch of the 10-ish year old driver when they started using carbon fiber and other composites. Nice crack type of sound.

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    Titleist 905T is my all time favourite for sound and feel.
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  • KGrinolsKGrinols CaMembers Posts: 62 ✭✭
    I like really loud ear-piercing drivers, that sound like aluminum bats. The Taylormade R1 sticks out in my mind.
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    Baitkiller wrote:

    Krank F5. Sounds like a softball bat on a fence post. Heads turn, people look. I never hit it at the range.

    Speaking of noise, I've been at the range many times when somebody near me would bring out one of those big, sometimes square, Nike drivers... maybe the square one (I don't know Nike products for good reason.) Our Seattle ranges are all covered and we hit off mats so you can imagine the cacophonous sound that club made. It was like a trash can being dropped from 10 stories.... harsh, penetrating and really, REALLY unpleasant. I would have to move away while the guy finished hitting his driver... **** thing was busting my ears.
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    Of the newer drivers epic and fusion aren't bad.

    Have an mp630 mizzy that sounds feels, and looks great
  • JonesyJonesy Members Posts: 1,534 ✭✭
    Majority of the Callaway drivers have a great sound, Cleveland DST Tour and Classic weren't bad either
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    Kylekoz17 wrote:

    Nike vapor flex 440

    My favorite driver. I'd play it still if I wasn't afraid to break it. Isn't the longest but it found fairways for me.
  • bodhi555bodhi555 Members Posts: 746 ✭✭
    Either my Powerbilt TPS Persimmon or my old Nike SQ 460 Tour - that used to make a fantastic "crack" on the way through, nice and loud to put off opponents with a hangover image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    Loved my old Covert Tour when a Top Flite XL or Molitor turned up in my range bucket. You could hear that thing for miles.
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  • jj9000jj9000 ClubWRX Posts: 2,632 ClubWRX
    cz13X4 wrote:


    A very distinct 'thwack' sound. Not metallic sound at all. More like a wooden baseball bat hitting a home run. The anti-Sumo sound.

    Yes...yes...I agree with you.
  • 1Mordrid11Mordrid1 Members Posts: 577 ✭✭
    Taylormade R540 XD had a sweet distinct sound when you flushed it.

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  • ByeBye Members Posts: 1,311 ✭✭
    Ping Eye wooden head


    Most recently the SLDR. Looked great, sounded, went er sideways!
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  • baloobaloo A Person Members Posts: 1,080 ✭✭

    dog flog wrote:
    Pretty much any persimmon driver.

    Exactly, nothing sounds better or feels better.

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    For me Ltd pro, tw vapor 420cc, and funny story. At the range the other day I am hitting my g400 lst for the first time and the sound is okay but not great and then the guy down from me starts hitting driver and it sounds amazing. Solid crack. I actually went down to him and asked him what his driver was and low and behold it’s the g400 lst. Same loft and shaft as me. So I asked him what mine sounds like to him and he said super solid. Apparently if I could swing my driver 30 feet farther away then I do it would sound awesome. Lol
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