Nihon no Bijutsu

I spent some (quite a lot) of time on Golfwrx the other day re-reading the brilliant thread about Sir Nick Faldo and the equipment he used,highly recommended if you have not read it.

I then trawled the web for my usual treasure,lefty iron sets of the models used by my favourite champion golfers,BINGO!

On our favourite auction website,a set of Mizuno MS-1 irons 3-pw,the same model Sir Nick used to win his first Open.

Pics are of MS-1,Pro-Original,MP-4 (same as Original but satin finish),TP-9 (Olly and Faldo) and for comparison a Hogan Apex II.

I included the Hogan because in-hand the MS-1 shows a similar undersling of the hosel which does not appear on later Mizuno irons.

Why Nihon no Bijutsu?

Arts of Japan.

I remain a fan of Japanese blades of all types!
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