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I was at the local PGA superstore looking for a hybrid to fill a gap between my 10.5 driver and my 19 degree hybrid. During a "fitting" session my launch angle was determined to be "too high" and hovered around 20 degrees no matter what club i used and no matter what shaft was "fit" to my swing. Now I know my swing is the issue, but the ball speeds were fine and distance was ok, but the fitter said I am probably losing 15 yards of distance due to my launch angle being so high. I have always hit my irons high ever since i was a kid. Its just how i swing i guess.

#1 - how do i lower my launch angle with my swing?

#2 - what club would you recommend to fill that gap i mentioned in my bag?

Driver flies 240-260 most days

19 degree hybrid flies up to 180-200



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    You lower your launch by lowering dynamic loft. How to accomplish that is above my pay grade and is going to depend on why you deliver too much now.

    3-4 wood or a 2 hybrid.

    I have a love hate relationship with my 15 degree 3 wood. Some days it feels like an alien in my hands, somedays I love it. Just bought a used Srixon H65 2 hybrid at 16 degrees, gonna mess around with that.
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    Id look at a weak 3w or 4w
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