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I am have a couple pairs of Ecco Boim Hybrids and love that shoe but I am looking for something that will breathe a little better during the hot summer months. I play 3 days a week and walk 99% of the rounds I play. So a shoe that is comfortable to walk in is what I need.

Any recommendation? I am looking at the puma pwr ignite but no golf store around me has any to try on.

Thanks in advance.


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    Adidas Adipower S Boost 3 shoes are really comfy and lightweight
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    Check out the new Trueknit by True Linkswear.

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    Puma grip sport. Super comfortable and breathable. I'm a walker also.

    Had a pair of the ignite drive last year but like the spikeless grip sport a little better for walking. Ignite has more support if that's what your looking for. Ignite is a little more narrow in the toe box than the grip sport but both fit true to size in a 12 for me
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    Haven't tried the power ignite sport, but I had the last year model (ignite spineless sport). Very comfortable shoe, but I found the uppers way to stretchy. It was like my foot rolled over the sole every swing. Not sure if the new saddle is any better in the pwr ignite.

    I have a couple pairs of the Nike Roshe G - honestly very comfy, relatively cheap, and surprisingly stable. Great warm/dry weather shoe.
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    Try to find a pair of True Linkswear Sensei's on Ebay. They are awesome....I wore mine today.
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    You probably won't get much lighter of a shoe than the Nike Roshe G. I wear the Roshe running shoes and was surprised they came out with a golf version.

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    Roshe G 100%. Love them, and haven't worn anything else since March.
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    ended up getting a pair of these at the GG fathers day sale for 55 shipped.

    its amazing to me how i live in a metro area and only have 1 choice for a place to buy/try golf shoes.

    Thanks everyone
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    Another vote for Nike Roshe G!

    Also, just got new Knit from Truelinkswear, very light and very comfortable, but have yet to play a round with them yet. So jury is still out.
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