Could this be related?

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Was watching this video on youtube called Ben Hogan Swing 1953 by Fernando Cano. And there was this part where Hogan was talking to someone and he was making a motion with his right hand kinda like a scooping motion.

I've saved this clip and store it in my phone for over a year now and did not think too much of it. Until yesterday I was at the driving range and was chatting with this very young junior golfer sponsored by Thailand's local beer brand called Chang. So needless to say he must be at least half way decent.

He was watching me hit balls while he was playing a mobile game with his other junior golfer friend when he made a very strange remark. He said "you're using your right hand incorrectly bro". I laughed and jokingly said "nothing in my swing is correct not just my right hand bro". He didn't want none of it stood up and proceed to show me what he meant. "You're doing this with your right hand from the top. You're throwing it from cupped right wrist to bowed right wrists. That makes the club head go outside-in and flips through impact which is a no-no! What you're suppose to do is keep the cup in the right wrist and simple throw it down without having it become bowed. Kinda like un-cocking it without letting go of the cup!"

After struggling to understand what the **** he meant for awhile i finally got it. The kid was right. I've been throwing my club head from the top with this right wrist motion for ever since i began playing golf. What he taught me felt kinda weird at first but i notice that anytime i can do it my flight went from cut to draw or push fade or push draw. No longer did my flight started left anymore. Mind blown.

Now back to the video of Hogan. He was making that motion and I think he wasn't doing it for no reason. Think about it guys. I might be insane to link the two info together. Ok that's my daily Hogan crazy rant for today. Have a lovely day everyone.


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    Very related to what you are saying is something i tell people to do at times.

    Try to shank the ball deliberately.

    Normal setup, the roll your hands clockwise so the hosel is facing the ball and the back of your right hand is facing the ground.

    Take a swing and try to hit the ball with the hosel. (i.e. you are trying to keep the back of the right hand facing the ground at all times).

    You can't hit a shank!

    What is happening is you are trying to keep the back of your right hand facing the ground (more or less) but momentum of the clubhead makes it square up.

    With a normal swing you turn your hand at the top of the swing so the back of your hand faces the ground,

    and try to get the palm of your right hand facing the sky as you come in to hit the ball.

    This idea fixed a mate of mine who could not stop his quite cupped left wrist at the top.

    We all know the Hogan eliminated that little bit of left wrist cup he had very early in his downswing.
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    Wow thanks. Will give this a try. Cheers!
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    Actually the right palm should face the CADDY, not the sky, in the DS due to right wrist bend. Spot on about the CW winding of the right arm!

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