New Putter for Michelle Wie - Looks like an EXO #1 Wide Slant Neck

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Per Michelle Wie’s Instagram Story, it looks like she has a new putter in the bag. To me, it looks like they created a slant neck EXO version of the #1 Wide putter. Pretty interesting. Wish her original double wide #1 plumbers neck would make it to retail.

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    Nice find! I expected the EXO line to expand.
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    That looks awful
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    Her fashion sense is not good
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    Seen an interview with her last night (golf channel I think) where she said she likes to see different putter looks to keep putting exciting for her and that is the reason she changes putters often.

    I'm still trying to figured out her GolfWRX user name........

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    fo shiezzy my wiezzy.
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    Those were photographed by Greg last week I believe. There’s a pretty good view of one in the threads of photos from Travelers.

    Edit: strike that. They were photographed this week on Monday. They’re posted in here.
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