1984-86 Wilson Staff Tour Blade TV Commercial

Found this video while geeking out on Wilson Irons. I LOVE the look of these but the wide sole makes me prefer the 1987-88 Model much better from a feel standpoint.


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    I had a set of these quite a few years ago, got rid of them largely due to not liking the sole.
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    PepsiCo era?
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    Love it! Thanks for posting the link.
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    Nice find... thanks for sharing
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    I played this set of staffs in 1985-87 loved them... I own the same set they were custom made for Bernhard Langer. They are awesome
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    I have a set of those. Pretty much a remake of the 1967-68 irons. I love the sole since I generally play in soft conditions and have been known to take a divot.

    Thanks to the OP for posting this. I certainly remembered this commercial.
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    Thanks for posting the video from the mid-80s.

    These were the days of Wilson making both RH and LH models of Staff Tour Blades with the Fluid Feel hosel. Some consider these on the level with the Staff Dynapower iron model.

    Sadly, Wilson went a different route in 2014, celebrating their Centennial in Golf with their FG Tour 100 Forged iron model.

    RH ONLY.
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    dcopp7 wrote:

    PepsiCo era?

    I think this was the last set of the PepsiCo era.

    The quality of these could be a bit shaky. I remember seeing a number of these where the ferrules and hosels weren't fitted dead flush. It almost looked like the bore was off somehow. The FG 17s often had this issue as well. It just didn't look right, and one certainly didn't see that on any other irons of that era. I saw other sets lined up against a wall, and one could clearly see from the colored flex band beneath the last step that the wrong shaft had been installed in an iron right in the middle of the set.

    Those problems disappeared under the new ownership and with the introduction of the 1986 model. But I believe those quality control issues during that early 80s time period caused Wilson to lose customers that they never got back.
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