Son, 11, consistently scores better in front 9 than back 9



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    Fatigue is likely the answer.

    Quick question: is he playing the same 18 hole course?

    If so, is it possible that the back 9 is just more difficult?

    OP already answered the question in the thread. It was mental fatigue due to nutrition.
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    Big Ben wrote:

    There was nothing in the OP's original post that mentioned nutrition. You are entitled to raise your children as you see fit. The question for a 11yr old child was why his score was off on the back nine, I'm saying he or she is 11 and why even care if he is enjoying the activity. Different perspectives my comment was a little harsh for that I apologize.

    Not sure about you but at 11 is when you start to really notice these things because they start to play a lot more holes. Everyone struggles with fatigue and the kids need to learn to overcome it.

    Pushing yourself to go father is not just golf but in every other sport and life. It also called learning to do hard work and that something that you have to learn in life those that don’t usually don’t do well in life.

    When it comes to nutrition it is very important. Wonder why places like google offer free lunches and energy drinks for employees. They learned employees make better choices when they have good nutrition. Golf is no different and a tired and hungry player will make stupid mistakes.

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