Graphite Shafted Irons - and Grip size

I currently play Calloway Xhot Pro's irons. Stiff stock 6.0 shafts(i believe) Standard Grip(2 wraps). 4.7 Ghin index, 54 years old

As I age, I want to keep my club speed up, but std grips are better to draw the ball, but hand strength, arthritis, starting to get to me.

I am considering moving to new clubs, with graphite shafts, and midsize grips. Maybe the new Taylor Made 790 irons.

Question. With midsize grips, I have gained a bit of control in past, but lost some pop. With graphite shafts and mid size grips, will I offset the impact of the midsize grips?

I am looking to lower my ball .flight without losing distance...(hit the ball high)

for references: 7 iron 165

Any suggestions for a shafts and irons to try?
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    What happens with grip size is very subjective. Everyone reacts differently to changes in size. However, don't assume larger will automatically ease the issues with arthritis. IF you don't feel the current std size grips feel comfortable or not as secure as they used to because of the arthritis - then yes it would be a good idea to try other grip sizes. But the most relief for the arthritis is going to be the size that feels the most secure and allows the least amount of grip pressure. Coincidentally, that's generally the same criteria for getting a nice free release and best club head speed. If a larger size causes an increase in tension, it will more likely aggravate the problem, not solve it (on top of the other issues that come with an increase in grip tension).

    Now going to graphite shafts will certainly help with the arthritis. But there are a lot of shafts to choose from and not enough info to make any strong recommendations. I will say that getting the right shaft weight is critical. And if memory serves, those xhot pro's used the PX flighted for the stock steel shaft - and that would be around 105-110 gm. So given that, and if that weight is still a good fit, I'd say try the UST Recoil 110's. Should find them in many of the OEM fitting carts to demo if you want. If you want to drop the weight a little bit, you could try the 95's. But realize dropping weight wont automatically gain you club head speed. It's possible but far from guaranteed. And even if it does, it could be at the cost of accuracy and consistency. So you never know what you'll get until you try them, but just be careful if you want to jump on the light weight shaft band wagon.
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    This is just my experience, but here it is:

    The impact of grip size on shot shape is pretty minimal, IMO, if you are just moving from standard to midsize. My default miss with standard grips was a hook for decades with standard size grips; I went to midsize a number of years ago, and my default miss is still a hook. All in all, I think I make better swings with a midsize grip because they FIT, not because of any magical change in my swing. I don't have arthritis, so the impact of a larger grip on that is unknown to me.

    As to distance with graphite shafts: I went to graphite about 5 years ago, primarily to take stress off my elbows at the same time that I was moving from an S flex to R flex all thru the bag. Because the stock Ping graphite shafts were almost 30 grams lighter, I assumed it would work like a lighter driver shaft and that I would recover some distance lost thru age; that was NOT the case. To my surprise, I didn't hit the graphite R shafts a bit farther than I had steel S shafts, but it was a LOT easier for me to hit them straight.

    Fast forward to a couple of months ago, when I did a fitting for the G700's, which I bought with the Recoil shafts; I do hit these a full club farther than the G30's I had been using, and with better accuracy. I assume/suspect that the distance is about the G700 head, and the accuracy about the Recoil shaft, but who knows?

    Anyway, I'd separate out the issue of how your body feels when you swing a midsize grip on a graphite shafted iron from the issue of how far the ball goes. You'll get some distance benefits anyway if your body feels better and you can make a better swing, but in and of themselves, I don't think grip size or graphite shafts automatically change shot shape or distance except in letting you maybe launch the ball a bit higher.
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    To my mind graphite shafts dampen vibrations and feel much smoother. I can’t remember the last time a shot reverberated up my arms and I play 2-3 times per week. Even on mishits they are pretty smooth. FYI my Alta shafts are very high flying but I find this just helps to stop the ball. I can flight them lower if I need to, but the marketing line of a 7 Iron going the distance of a 6 Iron and as high as an 8 Iron is bang on. The first time I took them to the range I was open-mouthed. Very straight too.
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Going to get a fitting session.

    Stuart G's comment about the shaft weight moving to graphite is spot on for me. Have to think that through. Made assumptions that graphite would be lighter, but then realized that they could be the same. Only custom shafts I have used are in my driver and that was to move to a XStiff which gives me more control.
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    You have to hit it to get it
    98% of short putts don't go in

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    Made assumptions that graphite would be lighter, but then realized that they could be the same.

    It's a common perception because most off-the-shelf graphite shafts are lighter than the off-the-shelf steel options. But even the stock steel shafts in some SGI irons are getting pretty light and then, as you mentioned, when you go to the custom options, you have a decent range of weights available in both steel and graphite.
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    Great info. Only thing I will add is that, I find, graphite shafts have very different butt diameters and tapers compared to steel. Best to check them with calipers at varying distances from the end to make sure you're getting what you think you are.

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