Build a cult classic JDM bag



  • tsupotsupo ClubWRX Posts: 1,179 ✭✭

    tourstage x wedge

    yamaha raw black

    yururi tour.

    prgr tr

    syard bolds (not quite old enough yet but if this was a cooperstown ballot theyd get more votes than Junior!)

    onoff shingo 358


    yamaha iff

    prgr egg + mfd(too young)

    kasco fd

    maruman shuttle

    royal collection bbd

    crazy fseries

    syard(xv not old enough)


    miuraism sb

    yamaha tour pre2012

    tourstage 701

    mizuno tn series

    prgr md900,tr500

    yururi flatback(had to put em in prob not old enough tho)

    onoff 247

    just a teaser

    jbeam 435, 9.5*--- 7dreamers 70xs<br />solid contacts 12.5---* diamana stinger 70x<br />(prgr egg mfd 16.5* --- quadra fire express 75xs)<br />(prgr egg 18*--diamana stinger 71x)<br />(fourteen ut716 21* diamana stinger70x+)<br /<br />epon af tour cu --Matrix proto zylon 125x ss<br />fourteen mt28 proto 52/57 --NS 125s<br <br />golds factory gss 360/diana proto/>tourstage x-01z<br /><br /><br /> "im an equal oportunity hitting machine, all day every day".
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