Anybody with huge Staff Bags?

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I don't take mine onto the golf course, but I keep my old sets and odd individual clubs in them.

A long time pro--not from my club--lived across the street from me a few years back.

When he retired and was getting ready to move to Florida, he had a big garage sale.

Among the things he was selling was a bunch of huge, manufacturers' logo staff bags--for only twenty-five bucks each.

They had been used for pro shop displays, not on the course. Great for storage, though, because my old, played-with bags got ratty over the years. The only one I saved was a Belding Bushwhacker with the old Stardust Hotel & Casino logo on it. I either gave or threw my other old gamers away.

I bought several of the staff bags--may have been all of them, I don't remember--for the reason I mentioned above.

I took one onto the course once shortly after I bought them--a huge black and white Titleist--and paid the price in ridicule from my friends.

You have to have plenty of game to get away with bringing one of those to a game with your buddies.


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    For $25, I would have bought several also and used them as storage just as you are doing. But agree you need to be low single handicap to bring one to the course.
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    I have a couple, but I've never played with them. I mainly keep old putters in them.

    I have a limited edition Titleist and an Adams.
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    Tour pros use em.
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    I play one most of the time unless I'm carrying. I push most of the time and those bags are awesome. I play midsize grips with 6 wraps and getting them in and out of a standard bag sucks and you can carry everything you'd ever need in a staff bag. There's nothing wrong with taking a staff bag to the course.
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    I used to play a staff bag way back when and I liked it. I liked it because of how easy it was to choose and pull club and how easy it was to carry the bag itself and set the bag down anywhere on the fairway. Rather sad that it became passe to have the staff bags. Personally, I always felt the only disadvantage to staff bags was the space they occupied in the trunk.

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    I never walk and have always had a staff bag. Could care less what anybody thinks about it one way or the other. Love all the extra room and the ease of getting the clubs in / out. Like Mad Bomber above I use midsize grips but with 2 wraps of duct tape underneath.

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    Towards the end of college when I was making some money working but had no expenses to speak of I got a staff bag to match my first new (i.e. not used) set of irons. It was a beautiful Black/Blue/Silver Tommy Armour 845C Silverback bag that matched my 845CM mixed set, and the last TA gear sold prior to the RAM acquisition. I carried it for a few years with those irons and don't think a word was ever said by any of my playing partners. I kept the bag even after the irons were sold along (I was playing less an didn't have the ball striking for them) but eventually was a casualty to a dog in the garage on a stormy night. I miss those irons, but I miss the bag more.

    More recently I had a '13 Adams Midsize Staff Bag that I carried on the course once and then had my name and company logo put on with vinyl with the intentions of using it for work scrambles and rounds with clients, but it ended up just being used as backup set storage and display in my office. I removed the vinyl lettering and sold it on and don't miss it too much.

    Moral of the story, if you like it, buy it... carry it if you like, or just use it for storage. If someone has much to say about the size of your bag, they're probably more worried about the size of their own...
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    I have one and have had 3 staff bags over the past 8 years. I get them off eBay for a good price. They are easier to take care the outside than stand bags and generally look snazzier than a stand bag. I can also carry a lot more stuff in there. Since I live in Florida, 99% of my rounds are riding in a cart.

    Having said that, I’m probably going to go to a stand bag sometime in the Fall. There is usually a structural problem with the staff bags. My Adams bag really broke down and the Srixon bag is too big with the zipper broken and structurally it’s not holding up as well as I would like. Also, the bag is a pain when piling friends into one car and it doesn’t fit my travel case. I also plan to play some USGA events in the next couple of years that will require walking.

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    I have the first Taylormade Masters one in my office and two Ping DLX in the man cave
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    I bought a Taylor Made 500 series staff bag on clearance from a Dick's for like $30 shortly after the R7 series was released... still use it to store extras... has not seen the course
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    I've got two, an old Ping, and a Callaway FT-3 series. They're nothing more than conversation pieces in my living room. I only break them out for special occasions.
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    I think this is just the current trend. Supposedly, staff bags are for college players or pros, or low shooters.

    Meanwhile its perfectly acceptable to use a bag like the C130, which is essentially a staff bag, but doesn't look staff baggish.

    Like many things in golf, it makes no sense. As others in this thread have pointed out, staff bags have virtues in terms of storage or fitting clubs with larger grips in the top that make them useful. I personally like the look of things that are thoughtfully designed.

    Trend Enforcer: "You don't have the game to use that staff bag!"

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    I have 4 staff bags,

    1 full sized Srixon staff bag used to store older clubs, never used on the course.

    1 Srixon midsize staff that I use daily on my Clicgear

    1 Titliest midsize staff, all titliest gear

    1 Mizuno midsize staff, all mizuno gear

    after years of using carry bags on my push cart I found it much easier and convenient to use a midsize staff. I love the room. Plus they are Imo a lot more durable and last longer. I havent replaced a bag in years.

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