Need an assist, please! What woods to go with RAM FX Pro-Set irons?

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I just picked up a set of RAM FX Pro-Set irons (2-SW) and wanted to complete a bag with woods from the mid 90s. I'd considered Callaway (Big Bertha), TaylorMade (Burner), and Cobra (King Cobra), but would love an opinion from those in the know. What woods would be best to go with these irons?


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    If you're looking for mid 90s gear, I think you almost have to consider the Great Big Bertha. It was *everywhere* back then. The downside is Callaway's loft and shaft flex practice at the time, so you have to be careful in hunting. Warbird fairway woods would be a nice choice.

    You could also go with the original Big Bertha or BB Warbird driver. Cobra deep face might be interesting, as well.

    If you wanted to stay with Ram, you could get the Ram bore thru driver and fairway woods. They're from a bit earlier but would likely have been in play.

    And you could always go with portraying yourself as a persimmon holdout. There's a regular flex Ram TW800 set of 1/3/4 persimmons on fleabay at the moment for a reasonable price.
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    Warbirds, those were the woods, and Big Bertha was the driver then.
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    NRJyzr wrote:

    Great Big Bertha

    Warbird fairway woods

    Original Big Bertha or BB Warbird driver

    Cobra deep face

    Ram bore thru driver and fairway woods

    Ram TW800 set of 1/3/4 persimmons

    These are all great selections. I actually had Warbird driver and fairways with this set, but those RAM TW800 woods are pretty intriguing. It might be easiest to just sub in my ISI Tour driver and 3 wood, too.
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    hnryclay wrote:

    Warbirds, those were the woods, and Big Bertha was the driver then.
    They really were. I actually played them when I had this set but was considering something different. Thanks for the advice...
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    I recently picked a set of Ram FX Pro Set irons and married them up with a set of Golden Ram metal woods with graphite shafts. Last week I picked up a Ram bag and a Ram zebra putter to complete the ensemble.
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