Last weekend I played a course with a dogleg par 3.



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    That is a bad course design, bottom line.
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    About 30 years ago, I once played a course in Louisville (KY). As I recall, there was a Par 3 which had a green completely surrounded by trees. Was it Seneca?
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    mark m wrote:

    Years ago in a pro-am we played a hole like this. We got up on the tee box and you could not see a flagstick. The tee markers were placed on the far right side. The tee was wide - so if you walked about 30 yards to the left you could see the flagstick on the far right of the green. (Some trees blocked the view of the right side of the green from the markers. At first we though the group in front had forgot to replace the flagstick.) Sounds similar to your experience(?) Basically, it was a carny set-up.

    Our pro says, "what we have here guys is a dogleg par 3!" LMAO.

    And I have played the River Course from the Black tees - and you could clearly see the flagstick on #13 from the markers. It is a tough shot. There are tough par 3's on all 4 courses at Kohler.

    EDIT: here is a quick video of #4 at Keller Golf Course in MN. It hosted a tour event way back in the day. (50's and 60's) There is a big tree right in the way. You have to do a Joe Washington there - go under or over. (You Sooner fans will appreciate the reference.) You can see the flagstick from the tee box. When they renovated a few years ago - the tree was left in place as that was the consensus of the patrons/golfers.

    That Keller Course looks very nice!
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    Double dogleg par 3 separated by a giant boulder.

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    If you are playing from the tips there is an assumption that you can carry it over the tees to the green. If you cannot do it come join me on the regular men's tees.
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    If you can make the left edge of the green with a straight shot I don't think it's a bad course design. What's the distance? I know another poster said he played and carried it.
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    60* layup? no shame in it if you make it past the ladies tees
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