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I currently play 88' hogan Apex's...on a recent trip visiting family I rented a set of Ping i20's...other than not having the wonderful forged feel I noticed the leading edge was much more beveled than my hogans with the result of reduced fat/deep divot shots...I've got a set of early 90's hogan edge and am wondering if I could grind a more pronounced bevel in them, hoping for the same result....has anyone tried this with success?



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    Interesting question. I have no idea if its practical - but I would also double check on the comparable shaft length and loft of the clubs. Some of the difference might be related to that. I know my divots seem to be smaller with my modern clubs (longer shaft) when compared to my Hogan Apex's which run roughly 1/2" shorter across the board. The longer shaft seems to give me a shallower down swing as compare to the shorter older club.
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    I think the bounce of those pings has more to do with the divot, than the grind on the face.
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    Grind off the chrome? Yikes
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    The beveling on the leading edge of the EDGE wedge is very similar to the i20 wedge. To the point of being indistinguishable by the eye and finger test. Doubtful whether one would notice a much of a difference. No longer have my '88 Redlines for a comparison pic, but if memory serves, they had a sharper leading edge.

    HC already mentioned what you noticed with the i20's. The infamous Ping 'bounce' is in effect. Shallowing out the divot. Do not have a spec on the Edge bounce, but would guess that it's substantial less on the Redlines and Edges compared with the i20.

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    Ok...just returned from the trip and compared the E, 4 and 7 apex's to the same edge irons...noticeably more bevel, both feel and visually, on the edge's...though the apex E is quite chewed up after 30 yrs of turf/gravel hacking...think I'll give the edges a go with maybe extra length....(was thinking of adding length anyway to help with an older back)

    Thanks for all the comments...greatly appreciated.
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