Budget golf fantastic service report

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I ordered 8 gloves a few weeks back during Budgetgolf's big ball and glove sale. They shipped out and once they arrived at my local UPS hub they were transferred to local USPS for delivery. Well its been a few weeks and they still have not showed up.

I called UPS only to get the same line over and over and USPS simply typed in the same tracking and showed me their website (huge help, i hadn't considered tracking it). I gave it an extra week past delivery and called budget. They refunded the money without a hesitation. To top it all off I got a $25 gift card in my email, as well as being told if the gloves do show up don't worry about returning them.

Order date 6-22-18

If you every wonder about their site, order away. Great service.


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    Yes, they handled that professionally. On a side note, USPS really has begun to suck in some places at the local level. My local PO is the worst.
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    my post office lies about attempting delivery of letters or packages that require signature. every time I go to the mailbox and there is a note saying "delivery attempt made"

    the last time I added a note of my own in large letters in sharpie and put the flag up on the mailbox....the next day, the mailman actually came to my door......how lazy can you be?
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