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Hey everyone looking to buy a new driver cheaper budget looking around 300 currently play a Nike covert 2.0 stiff shaft looking for something new more forgiving any suggestions to look into I would appreciate it

Thanks everyone for the in put


  • Bobb3rdownBobb3rdown Bothell, WAMembers Posts: 496 ✭✭
    Ping G driver. Tour shaft. 3 different heads to choose from.
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    Yep, I second that motion. G25/30/G would be all good choices in that price range. F7 might be another option?! image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
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    Another vote for a ping G/ can get g30’s for under $200 these days.
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    Perfect I will look into all those thanks everyone
  • CwingCwing Members Posts: 8,003 ✭✭
    Many options out there. I’d try TM m3/m4, Callaway, Ping, Cobra and others.

    M4 is working well for me.
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    Ping G25, G30, G, and G400 MAX.

    Did I miss one? 😏
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  • GhostwedgeGhostwedge Posts: 653 ✭✭
    jonn443 wrote:

    Ping G25, G30, G, and G400 MAX.

    Did I miss one? 😏
    No, these would be the gold standard. ; )
  • LaymanMLaymanM Cincinnati, OHMembers Posts: 2,102 ✭✭
    Ping g400 max if you can find a used one under $300. I'm sure they are out there. Fantastic driver. Rick Shiels picked it best driver of 2018 and for good reason. Long, ultra forgiving and lower but playable spin.
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  • Just my 2 cents, but most drivers are almost all equal these days... Try them out and see which ever you get the best numbers (will most likely depend on the shaft instead of the head) and see which one looks best to you.

    I'd say TM M2 for that price... But that is just my preference.

    Hate the way the new Ping looks standing over it personally :P
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    Cwing wrote:

    Many options out there. I’d try TM m3/m4, Callaway, Ping, Cobra and others.

    M4 is working well for me.

    In the $300 price range he'd be looking at M1 or M2 probably (which, if they get unlucky with a face cave could turn into M3 or M4 very easily I guess).

    I'd probably look at the earlier suggested Pings of one cycle ago. The F7 from Cobra. Or maybe the Cally XR.

    If you're willing to stretch your budget a bit, the 917 D2 is $350 and can sometimes be had new for $300...especially with the TS2 and TS3 releasing within a couple of months. I believe Epics are new in store for $350 as well. The M1 and M2 are certainly not bad drivers either if you have a preference for TaylorMade.

    I'd suggest testing all of them though if you can. I know some courses I've seen have demo drivers you can use free for a round. ****'s is an option, but quality of staff and demo selection is hit or miss.If you have a budget of $300, a full fitting probably isn't ideal.
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    Best thing is to go to the store to and hit all the major brands and see what works best for you.

    All of them are good and just about equal. Don't get caught up in the marketing b.s. and biased reviews.

    I've hit drivers that are 10 years old and newer models like the Rogue, 917, G/G400, M1-4 and pretty much get the same distance with all of them. My favorite is the 917, but I currently game a Bio Cell.
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    There is jailbreak, then there is everything else.....

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    Everyone is going to suggest the latest and greatest, go get yourself an R9 Supertri and use the savings to have a nice dinner or play an upscale course you normally wouldn't. Seriously, I haven't demoed any of the new stuff but I would be willing to guess that they will have a hard time improving on what I have
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    There was a seller in BST selling two F8s (brand new) for $250 regular and stiff. That's pretty hard to beat.
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    My brother has the Cleveland Launcher HB, $300 new. He loves it.

    I've got a GBB Epic Subzero I'm ready to move on from - PM me if you're interested. Nothing wrong with the club, I'm just hitting my 3+ wood better, so it's no longer in the bag.

    Ignore all the posts saying this club or that club is the ultimate club for everyone. None of us has ever seen your swing. Go hit some of the suggested clubs new, figure out what works best for YOU, and then try to find a used one in your budget.
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