Anyone ever tried taking out the dampening material in a Scotty?

magnito1969magnito1969 Posts: 223 ✭✭
Has anyone ever tried taking out the dampening material behind the face insert on a Scotty Studio Select? I know i'm in the minority here but I prefer a higher pitch sound and was wondering if the dampening material could be removed if I took off the face insert.

Maybe it won't make a difference at all?

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  • T-MACT-MAC Members Posts: 1,954 ✭✭
    Give it a try!

    I'd be curious to know if it made any difference as well because I just don't care for the feel (or lack of) coming off the face of these new Scotty's with the inserts.
  • SkhackerSkhacker The Minimalist Golfer Members Posts: 1,466 ✭✭
    Every time. I prefer it. Gives it a feel closer to the deep milled. I don't care for SC inserts at all.
  • BYKBYK Members Posts: 1,598 ✭✭
    It'd be interesting if someone did this and reported back

    I wonder how much that tape actually does? Like TMAC, I'm definitely more a fan of the non insert stuff
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  • JagpilotohioJagpilotohio 45+ inch drivers are evil. Columbus, OHMembers Posts: 7,143 ✭✭
    I’m going to have to be that jerk that states the obvious.

    Save yourself the time and trouble and simply buy yourself a similar previous generation with a solid face.

    No hassle involved and you won’t destroy the resale value for the majority of people that like the softer feel of the insert.
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  • 23under23under KING Posts: 1,324 ✭✭
    Yeah as above and why would you alter a putter that one of the best putter makers in the business has spent $$$$$ on R&D, testing, etc? Sounds like a downgrade to me and may have adverse affects.
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  • Scotty1140Scotty1140 Members Posts: 4,405 ✭✭
    I doubt you'd notice a thing.
  • T-MACT-MAC Members Posts: 1,954 ✭✭
    .......So go to your local hardware store, buy some 3M double-sided tape, and put it back in there if you don 't like the feel without it.

    Easy-peasy. image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
  • SkhackerSkhacker The Minimalist Golfer Members Posts: 1,466 ✭✭
    Only SC would call stock double sided tape "vibration dampening material" lol.
  • sdrthedjsdrthedj Members Posts: 312 ✭✭
    Skhacker wrote:

    Only SC would call stock double sided tape "vibration dampening material" lol.

    If you called it 'tape' you could only charge $275. Vibration dampening material costs much more for R&D and production image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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