Unscientific comparison between Snell MTB and Bridgestone B RX

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On a short vacation here in Laughlin, NV and decided to play 9 holes at Laughlin Ranch. Since I was playing alone, I decided to buy a sleeve of the Bridgestone B RX and compare it to the Snell MTB, my normal game ball. I did a little reading about the new Bridgestone balls and the thing that caught my attention with the B RX is that it is for a little slower swing and is supposed to provide better distance off the driver because of reduced spin and a lower compression.

I played best ball for the first 5 holes and was so pleased with the B RX that I finished the last 4 holes playing just the B RX, especially since it seemed that the B RX was always the better shot.


I have a light tendency to add some side spin (slice) to some of my driver and woods and I noticed that this was almost completely eliminated with the B RX.

Off the driver, it felt softer to the point that you could actually notice it quite a bit. Perhaps that's why I was actually getting a bit more distance than with the MTB. On one hole, it amounted to 30+ yards more distance.

I did not notice any difference inside 150 yards when hitting with an iron.

I didn't notice any difference with a wedge.

On the greens, the B RX seemed to get to the hole more often and I tended to leave the MTB short. Both felt really good off the putter head and rolled pretty well.


On a scale of 1 - 5 where 5 is the best, here is how I would rank their performance.


B RX - 5

MTB - 4.5

Long irons

B RX - 4.5

MTB - 4.5

Short irons

B RX - 5

MTB - 4.5


B RX - 5

MTB - 4.5

Since I'm always looking for more distance with driver and woods, but won't sacrifice accuracy with the irons or putter, I think the B RX might be a better fit for my game than the MTB. I'll play a few rounds with the B RX and then go back to the MTB to see if it remains in the bag permanently or temporarily.

Demographic information: 70 years old, normal driver distance is 180-200, current driver is Rogue 10.5 draw, 3w and 5w are Rogue and irons are Rogue X.


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    which RX did you use? the newest model?
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    The rx is the one that comes in yellow right ? Very firm feeling cover ?

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    monks66 wrote:

    which RX did you use? the newest model?

    Not sure if it was the newest model or just the one they had available in the pro shop.

    erock9174 wrote:

    The rx is the one that comes in yellow right ? Very firm feeling cover ?

    I believe it comes in white or yellow. I use the white one.
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    I’d have trouble believing a different golf ball can add 30 yards to a drive but since it did for you, I’d think that ball could be a keeper for you Keep us updated please.
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    I really like the Bridgestone b330 rx. I just picked up 4 dozen on eBay using the 15% discount they are currently offering. BTW I like the ball that is marked with the B mark.
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    larryd3 wrote:

    I'd have trouble believing a different golf ball can add 30 yards to a drive but since it did for you, I'd think that ball could be a keeper for you Keep us updated please.

    In complete fairness to the MTB, the drive I hit with the B RX was one of my better ones and I happen to hit a slope in the fairway that added quite a bit of roll. Missed the slope with the MTB and didn't get any roll at all. I'd have to attribute the low spin of the B RX for the placement of the drive, not necessarily the added distance. It landed only a few yards longer than the MTB, but was better placed on the fairway which allowed it to catch the slope.
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    Was the MTB the original version or was it the new MTB Black?
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    It was the original MTB, the new balls are called MTB Black and MTB Red. I plan on playing the black on Tuesday for comparison.

    I did play 9 holes with the Bridgestone B RX and 9 holes with the MTB yesterday and I honestly could not tell much difference. I guess for the price, the MTB may still be the better option.
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    Good synopsis. I'm about to do a massive test with basically every urethane ball on the market, so hoping to get equally positive results to you. Really curious about some of these other direct to consumer balls. The Cut balls have an incredible price point. Have you tried any of those?
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