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He might have one or two things right, but this got my goat:

Staff Bags:

"... there is ZERO reason for having a bag that looks like a piece of luggage. Most carry bags can easily double as a cart bag... we’re OK with the tour pros doing away with these behemoths doubling as advertising billboards as well."

Disclaimer: I have a cart bag (2016 Titleist, got on sale)

I wear size 15 golf shoes, like to walk, and carry balls, tees, sunscreen, water, and rain clothes. There is not a carry bag made that can handle large shoes and anything more than a couple of other items, certainly not clothes. I've used Ping, SM, Cally, Ogio, and two or three others, and I still have a beat up Mackenzie Walker in my garage (PM me if you are interested in buying it), so I've tried to find something that works for me, and I haven't found it.

Since I am trying to keep my back in good shape in my older age I do not carry as it is better for a player's back, especially the older one gets.

In other words this guy is a few clubs short of a full bag. If he's 5'5" tall with size eight shoes or has a massive suv he can keep all his stuff in, good for him. If he can glue all the extra items he needs on the outside of his Sunday bag, or hang another bag on SM 2.5 to take what he wants around that's okay too. But don't crank on people who have a need for more space in their bags.

If a person likes to carry a bunch of stuff, and a professional has equipment he needs for every situation on the course, then there is a need for a large cart/staff bag. If someone needs it, go for it.

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    Agree 100%. Never understood why people get butt hurt for others using a staff bag. I just ordered my first cart bag for the reasons you listed above, I usually use a push cart and the convenience of having extra gear, few drinks, etc... fit into my bag with ease seems worth it.

    Here in Seattle, I never will be caught without some form of jacket, umbrella, additional clothing, because weather can change quickly. I have managed with a Ping Voyage for years, but I can't see how having extra space will be a detriment or become one of the "dumbest things in golf".
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    the article written by E. Micheal Johnson. That's a lot to spend per letter for a personalized staff bag. #shortenurnamedotmoveon
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    What does a staff bag do better than a cart bag? Usually cart bags are designed so that every pocket is reachable from one side but with staff bags that is not the case.
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    Boogeyman wrote:

    What does a staff bag do better than a cart bag? Usually cart bags are designed so that every pocket is reachable from one side but with staff bags that is not the case.

    Exactly, I've really got no problem with what the guy wrote. There is a huge difference between a staff bag and a cart bag - literally and figuratively. My cart bag fits all my extra stuff when I need it, rain gear/hood, bags of all sorts of stuff, extra shoe pair if I want them - and room leftover. I only went to a cart bag because it fits much better on my push cart. But otherwise its usually half empty.

    I have no problem with what people buy so if someone wants a staff bag, good for them, what do I care. But I'm not sure I want to play with a guy who brings so much stuff with him on a daily basis that he *needs* a staff bag.
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