Forgiving irons that are forged

Just wanted a idea on some of the more forgiving irons that are forged ? Doesn’t have to be new irons either can be from years back. Thanks!


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    AP2’s, pick your model year. They’re all great image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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    I always enjoyed my the Nike Covert 2.0 Forged irons.
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    Mizuno JPX 850 Forged are really forgiving and you can get them on the cheap now. The 900's will be most likely be discounted soon due to the imminent release of the next series.
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  • Bridgestone j40, either cb or dpc.
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    Cobra forged tec
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    Adams A4.
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    Another vote for the Srixon 5 series, maybe consider the Wilson Staff M3 or F5 irons as well, very underrated
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    Srixon 745
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    Mizunos....JPX850 or JPX900 forged

    Pretty decent sized clubs and forgiving
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    AbSWFPGA wrote:

    Just wanted a idea on some of the more forgiving irons that are forged ? Doesn’t have to be new irons either can be from years back. Thanks!

    What is your definition of "forged"?

    The new Ping i500 is labeled as forged, however the only thing forged about it is the face plate! LOL

    I would suggest trying the forged PXG 0311 irons.

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    2006 TM RAC MB TP: A players' GI disguised as a blade.
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    Maltby DBM.
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    Mizuno JPX850 or JPX900 and Srixon z565 are pretty forgiving.

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    Srixon. Both the 5 and 7 series are quite forgiving.
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    Mizuno JPX EZ Forged.
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    Mizuno JPX-825 Forged. Can pick them up for a song and about the perfect balance of forged, feel, and forgiveness.
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    weavs2 wrote:
    Cobra forged tec

    I have them but they aren’t a fully forged club and don’t feel like a forged club.
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    Adams XTD forged...if I had a full set I'd still be playing them
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    Mizuno mx23 irons. You can get a solid set on eBay for $50-150.
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    If you haven’t made a choice yet, definitely side with the Wilson Staff M3. I never put much stock in the “forgiving” iron, but I can attest, my usual miss is tThe Johnny Miller wipe, it actually feels like the clubface opens as it make s contact, and these irons are very resistant to doing that.
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    TM M4
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    816 H1 19*
    816 H1 24*
    PXG 0311 5-pw
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    54* SM6 M
    58* SM7 S
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  • leopoldstotchleopoldstotch Members Posts: 356
    I like my Z565s, they're great for distance forgiveness, but not always for left and right. Toe strikes also go the right amount of distance as well.

    but they're not "fully" forged and depends what you want from forgiveness.
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    Hogan Edges were designed as GI Forged Clubs. Cavity Backs with weight around the perimeter. A bit of a thick top line, though but they play really well. Had 2 sets over the years. Original Edges from the 80's, and a set of Ft. Worth Edges from a few years back.
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    Nike VR Forged Pro Combo (2014) or any AP2. Nikes are superb irons.
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  • OrlandogolfguruOrlandogolfguru OrlandoGolfGuru ClubWRX Posts: 1,974 ClubWRX
    it depends on what you consider forged and what you consider forgiving. if you just want something stamped forged - sure. p790. i500. adams a4 forged. jpx ez forged is probably the most "forgiving" as i dont really think jpx 850 f is that forgiving. they are pretty thin, and you have to hit the center. ap2 is a great club, but also not very forgiving imho.
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    AbSWFPGA wrote:

    Just wanted a idea on some of the more forgiving irons that are forged ? Doesn’t have to be new irons either can be from years back. Thanks!

    PXG 0311
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