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robertsjrobertsj ClubWRX Posts: 213 ClubWRX
So i order new irons from a online dealer on eBay for new Mizuno irons. They submitted order to Mizuno. I check the tracking number today and saw on the truck for delivery and got excited. I looked at destination and it says Pittsburgh pa. I’m 2 hours from Pittsburgh. So i call store and they say they will call Mizuno and get it figured out. The tracking on fedex’s site says my irons were left on a door step in a city two hours away. What do i do?


  • robertsjrobertsj ClubWRX Posts: 213 ClubWRX
    Anyone have this happen?
  • robertsjrobertsj ClubWRX Posts: 213 ClubWRX
    Am i in the wrong forum or something
  • ihatecats18ihatecats18 Posts: 250 ✭✭
    I dont know whats going on. I ordered my irons through a golf store though
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    I am in Pittsburgh and I got a random set of Mizuno irons today.. I'm a lefty so I will probably post on BST.

    In all seriousness, that's annoying. Call back tomorrow or Monday and if they don't tell you exactly how they are going to fix it I would file a claim on eBay. They will make it right with you if you don't get your order.
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  • robertsjrobertsj ClubWRX Posts: 213 ClubWRX
    It’s annoying because i called them at like 2 pm and they said yea Mizuno somehow has the wrong address. We will fix it and send u an email. Well no email was sent and the package was delivered. Just wondering how much longer I’m gonna have to wait
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    Make sure you are doing all of your communications with the seller through ebay
  • robertsjrobertsj ClubWRX Posts: 213 ClubWRX
    I sent them an email thru eBay and filed a report
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