I wonder if I would benefit from a ball change?

JeffJJeffJ Members Posts: 223
been playing soft high spin balls...
I have recently deduced and can admit that I am an extremely high ball hitter. I get a little flippy BUT in general I hit the ball very high. I am actually going to 8.5-9* driver with a low launch shaft...hoping...that will help.

I wonder if going to a lower spin ball would ultimately help my game. I dont need an enormous amount of spin from 175 in as I get the ball coming in very steep. I wonder if a lower spin ball would help me control(less spin) my long irons, hybrids and driver? Im not looking for added distance as my 6 iron is my 170 club and driver is the mid 270's and can push 295 when I catch it perfect.

Thanks for the input.


  • gumpygumpy Members Posts: 170
    what's your handicap and price range?

    There's everything from the DT Roll to TM TP Red that you can choose from
  • kenfujikenfuji Members Posts: 538
    what ball do you use now? if you just want a suggestion to try something new, I recently started testing out the Srixon urc ball. It has a firmer feel then the v1x spins well with the irons, but still get decent roll with the longer clubs. the best bet is get on the LM and see if changing balls make enough of a difference for you. imho you will probably see better results getting matched up with the right shaft combination that will give your the most control and distance with your longer clubs.
  • Pinehurst1999Pinehurst1999 Members Posts: 2,173
    Srixon does make a great low spin ball, the Soft Feel which I often play and like; however, your best options are Bridgestone E5 and E6, without question the best quality ball at a lower price available right now in golf.

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