What shot is the best feeling in golf?



  • ShankedShotsShankedShots Members Posts: 40 ✭✭
    For me, there is nothing like nipping a 56 degree wedge from 80 yards.

    The ball flight is lower and you know it has tons of spin. The ole one hop stop.

    But a close second is pounding that 5 yard cut driver to allow me to hit that nippy wedge image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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  • CHuntsmanCHuntsman Members Posts: 807 ✭✭
    Flushed long irons, Sandy pars or better from the fairway or even green side.
  • Event^HorizonEvent^Horizon Members Posts: 71
    The putt on 18 where you finally break par.
  • geno4952geno4952 Members Posts: 120 ✭✭
    To me the best shot in golf ,doesn't matter what club, is the shot you don't even feel come off the clubface. You know you hit it as pure as you possibly can. It doesn't happen often in fact Hogan said he only hit 2 or 3 shots like that in a round, so if arguably the best ball striker ever only hit that few when I do hit one it "feels" awesome.

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  • mstrammstram Members Posts: 188 ClubWRX
    Back in the "dinosaur" age, when I would be at the range 3-5 times a week, it was fun to hit a forged 2i off hardpan image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    Now I can only hit a 2i with a hard pan .. lol.
  • scooterboy59scooterboy59 Members Posts: 978 ✭✭
    When you hit a long putt with some break and you know it's going in 15 or more feet away.
  • DivinDaveDivinDave Longview TexasMembers Posts: 524 ✭✭
    Intentionally working a well struck approach shot around the edge of a tree which is between me and the green. The ball takes off, and curves exactly as I envisioned it and I have a nice putt for birdie.
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  • SBH9458SBH9458 Go Army! Beat Navy! Members Posts: 913 ✭✭
    Hard not to love a flushed 3 iron.
  • JDaxJDax Members Posts: 84
    I agree with all of those who said the flushed 3W off the deck...
  • Tcann32Tcann32 Members Posts: 3,527
    A flushed fairway wood is a great feeling.. but better than great feeling, I think the sound is one of the best sounds in the world.

    Best feeling shot to me though: a flushed MB 3i. Probably feels like any other iron shot at the end of the day, but you get the surprise of “hey I hit that stupid club well” and I’d venture to say that it also feels better because I’m generally expecting it be thin and sting a bit.

    I do think that long irons have the biggest accentuation of that “effortless” , can barely feel the ball through impact sensation (every time I hit one that way, I always mutter “oh yeah” to myself without realizing it lol) and the strong mid level flight is fun to watch.
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  • DowntimeDowntime Members Posts: 98 ✭✭
    Any shot that plays out like I picture it before I address the ball.
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  • Tcann32Tcann32 Members Posts: 3,527
    kozubs wrote:
    I love a low rope hook around a tree to get out of trouble. Something that starts way into danger and slings back into the fairway. So much that you need to run out into the faiway just to follow it.

    Unfortunately I have way too much practice with this. The hook that put you in trouble in the first place isn't as nice.

    The only problem for me is that I generally hit the same exact shot off the tee, and then have to hit it again to get out from behind that tree.
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  • sos7sos7 Members Posts: 105 ✭✭
    Any putt on 18th green that is made and means something
  • farmerfarmer Members Posts: 7,853 ✭✭
    Any club hit dead solid with the shot exactly matching your "picture".
  • stashtvstashtv Members Posts: 40 ✭✭
    It's the called shot...

    Telling your buddies that ball is going in, and it does.

    Everyone going left of the big tree, you tell everyone you're going over it, and it's exactly that.

    Tree trouble and you telling your friends you're going to hit a low, roping hook -- to be on the green!

    When the shot comes out *exactly* as you want, that's why I play.
  • LeftDaddyLeftDaddy Members Posts: 715 ✭✭
    I have a few:

    1. Pured wedge shot that hits, bounces, and zips back (preferably into the hole)

    2. Smoked drive hit with no effort where you bend over to pick up the tee as soon as it leaves the clubface

    3. Towering iron draw into a par 3 (also flushed)

    4. Rope hook around tree trouble that keeps rolling onto the middle of the green

    5. Clipped pitch shot that checks right beside the hole

    6. Lightning-fast downhill putt that breaks several feet away from you that rolls pure into the cup (for some reason, I make these way more than I make any other kind of putt other than tap-ins)

    7. Chip that bounces once / twice, then rolls directly into the cup
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  • rkinsm03rkinsm03 Members Posts: 5
    I'm really still relatively fresh to the game, so the first tee jitters get to me. I've stopped losing as many golf balls in a round, but for me

    1) finding the fairway off the first tee with almost-cleanly struck anything

    2) green in regulation on the first tee, doesn't matter how pretty

    3) easy par on the first tee . . . my round could be over and I'm happy with that

    Maybe the thing that's most satisfying is when the process works.

    But I do agree with many, that the pure long iron being a special, singular feeling. Triggs Mem in Providence last year on 12, I hit a towering 4 iron from 185 at the whites to about 6 yards long that peeled back to 4' from the hole. Fantastic par. Forget the birdie, I knew it was a special shot before I had even finished my follow through.
  • Jordan SpeethJordan Speeth ClubWRX Posts: 1,090 ClubWRX
    I'm going to have to go with the flighted nine-iron to an uphill pin, small green (18th/Olympic). It's got to hit and stop, immediately.
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  • jastroudjastroud Hard 8 or soft 7 Members Posts: 342
    For me, it was in my last round. Took a 5 iron off the tee on a par 4 (playing from the senior tees with my dad). Tempo felt great, strike felt great, looked up to see a nice high draw turning the dog leg.
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  • ShugaBearShugaBear Hit it, Find it, Hit it again & Add 'em up! Members Posts: 198 ✭✭
    For me, there's no better feeling than a perfectly struck long iron shot from the fairway into a green. I think the inherent difficulty of the shot intensifies the feeling.
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  • CincyJCKCincyJCK Members Posts: 73 ✭✭
    I’m just always chasing the feeling of hitting a baseball on the screws, contact so pure that you can’t feel it. Blade long iron on the screws, as rare as that is, does it for me.
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  • PixlPutterman PixlPutterman Look At My Lefty J33R(hey I can wish) Members Posts: 8,249 ✭✭
    flushed 2 iron off the tee that goes further than my playing partners drivers image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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  • trevor90trevor90 "I made a par today! I chipped in!" Members Posts: 26
    All good answers...the 3W off the deck to a par 5 is a great feeling. It's hard for me to pick just one, any shot that I hit exactly how I wanted to (driver, iron, putter, doesn't matter) is a rush for sure.
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  • Z1ggy16Z1ggy16 Members Posts: 7,266 ✭✭
    1) Perfectly struck forged long iron

    2) Perfectly struck 3w off the deck to get on a long par 5 in two

    3) Draining a really long putt

    4) Pulling off that perfect 20-30 yard flop shot that you were pretty sure you'd skull 80 yards OB
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  • mtgmtg Members Posts: 342 ✭✭
    The highest spinning shot you'll ever hit is a low lofted sand wedge struck with some serious clubhead speed that launches as low as imaginable for that club. You compress the **** out of a 110 yard super low 54 degree wedge. Its a really hard shot to hit, a stock swing gets way too much glance off the face. You need to deloft the head a bunch and create some speed. You can't hit it with a lob wedge not matter how hard you try, too much spin loft to compress the ball. Maybe a full 9 iron spins as much, more speed and all - but this shot takes so much precision.

    The wind can't touch this shot, nothing can. You have complete control over your golf ball - you are a God amongst ordinary men.
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  • Rosco1216Rosco1216 Members Posts: 2,975 ✭✭
    Any approach shot that once you hit, EA sports-Tiger Vision starts in your mind and it’s tracking.
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  • halfsumohalfsumo Members Posts: 658 ✭✭
    Flushed 2 iron blade (yes, forged makes a difference. yes, blade makes a difference), no divot, perfectly picked, exact shot shape you wanted.
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  • ago33ago33 Members Posts: 2,155 ✭✭
    Best feeling shot is whatever the cart girl gives me

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  • JonnyKrasnodarJonnyKrasnodar Members Posts: 1,828 ✭✭
    Had a couple during today's round that I've mentioned before which just give me a buzz when I hit them. Absolutely flushed 4 iron, so pure it feels as though you've not even hit the ball, piercing the air, holding its line in the wind and dropping onto the green from 200 yards. Just perfect.
  • coco78coco78 Members Posts: 60 ✭✭

    feeling u will hole the putt before you hit your putt beats all others for me image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> and yes, the putt goes in
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