Who's Keeping a ProV1(x) in the bag?



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    as i've mentioned in other ball threads, i've played almost all of them (and often do during non-competitive rounds) and the go-to ball is still the V1x. best combination of distance off the tee, spin off the irons/wedges and feel around the green/off the putter.
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    sidewinder wrote on May 22 2008, 01:02 PM:
    Baconator wrote on May 22 2008, 07:53 AM:
    I know you love them, but $600 worth of balls? How many do you lose/wear out in a round?

    Who cares? Better yet, why should you care? Why question his ball budget? There are a lot of people out that spend that much on balls. I know lots of players from 25 HC to scratch that won't play anything but a Pro V1 or Pro V1x.

    Do you challenge people that drive expensive cars too?


    you could have checked the attitude at the door... the guy asked a simple question and didn't mean any disrespect in doing so...
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    i too play the v1x and have also played the 330s extensively... i came back to the v1x, but am still trying to find a replacement for it...

    i want it's performance from 150 in with better wind play, and maybe better control off the driver...

    any of the premium balls feel similiar off the putter, except the v1 is about as soft as i've felt... i want to try the new Nike offerings soon...
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    Another day on the course and another Pro V-1X vs. TP Red LDP playoff. I first thought that TP Red didn't have enough spin because the other time I played it I spent a lot of time in the rough and the spin wasn't that great out of the lettuce(usually isn't that great with any ball out of the lettuce!).

    Today I played in more windy conditions and was in the fairway a lot more and had one "feel" shot around the green of about 25 yards that took the one hop and then threw out the anchor about 12" from the hole. The crowd went wild over the shot!!!! Well, the other two guys I was playing with at least said "Good shot"!!! But I was impressed with the ability to hit down on the Red and spin it with some control. The front was moving in today and the wind was erratic and I think I would give the edge to the Red in the wind, slightly over the X. Continuing...........................................

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