I met Annie Park

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She’s grew up playing the course I play and they had a little meet and greet congrats on her win kind of thing yesterday. What a sweet young lady, she hit some shots and I’ll tell you right now that a 5 handicap (me) would definitely not beat her!! Chatted for a bit and she’s seems like a good kid with a bright future. Beautiful driver of the ball, she’s taller than I thought and said her favorite friend in tour is Michelle Wie. She also had a back injury earlier this year and needed 3 months of bed rest. Interesting as her coach is Sean foley who seems to have a pattern of his students having back issues.

Little note, she won the New York State high school BOYS championship as a senior shooting 66 (I think) at bethpage red from the tips. Played that course tons of times and that is quite impressive. Even more impressive is she beat this other kid Matt Lowe who is also at the course a lot and is definitely on his way to the tour. He was medalist in US Open qualifying this year and shot a final round 61 in the Ike championship which is one of the most prestigious amateur events on Long Island so he has some serious game. He won the champ flight at the course at the age of 12, 13, 14, 15 and then wasn’t allowed to compete anymore lol. Keep an eye out for him. And she beat him, pretty cool image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

Just a different game they play
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    Glad you got to meet her. Yeah a pro golfer is a pro golfer and if they win at the highest level of where they can play then they've got the skills. The folks around here who start the "can a 4 hdcp male golfer beat an LPGA Tour pro" are deluded beyond comprehension. Annie Park is I'm sure a very nice person but she'll take your lunch money if you're willing to lose it.
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    Great story, thanks for sharing. Annie seems to me to be very poised when she's been interviewed. Hopefully she stays healthy and brings home some more Ws.
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    Jasonic wrote:

    and said her favorite friend in tour is Michelle Wie.

    You are ruining images around here. Not sure that is legal
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