Mizuno mp55 vs mp66

Hi guys,

I had a set of mp18 mb’s modus 120x but had to sell them due to my wrist acting up on misshits. I bought a used set of mp55 with modus 125s and they feel great, I owned a set prior to the mp5’s but with modus 120x.

They are great clubs and helps my wrist when I strike it bad, but the mp66 have me intrigued and I am thinking of buying a set with modus 125s. How are the mp66 on bad strikes compared to the mp55? I am mostly interested in the feeling on misshits. I never have problems with distance on misshits because when I misshit it is more in the shank department.

I loved the mp18 mb with 120x but my wrist can’t take the pain due to a prior injury.

Any ideas?
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    One of the best and cheapest things you can do to lessen pain is buy soft midsize grips. I currently am in love with the GP CP2 wraps in midsize. If you just want to buy new clubs, do that too!!!
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    MBBG wrote:

    One of the best and cheapest things you can do to lessen pain is buy soft midsize grips. I currently am in love with the GP CP2 wraps in midsize. If you just want to buy new clubs, do that too!!!

    +1. The blue CP2 is my favorite grip on all clubs but putter. I go with the standard size with two extra wraps. Firms them up a touch but they still feel good. If I wanted softer would do what you did and get midsize with no wraps.

    I find standard grips with no wraps feel too skinny and that also is uncomfortable to me. Grips make a huge difference.

    To the OP, Mizunos are great either way. I would not look to the differences in those the 55 vs 66 clubheads regarding any wrist or vibration issues. I am also a fan of the Nippon 125 over the 120. I think the stiff in 125 softstepped — I play that setup in my Miura CB57’s and it offers awesome feel — would be more up my alley than the 120x. I tried a modus 105 in X and even though it was lighter, I thought it felt too stout. Sold them. Remember, research shows most golfers play shafts that are too stiff, not the other way around.

    One more tip for wrist pain: Don’t hit off mats. That bothers my wrists more than anything I would play on the course. Mats sitting on cement pads will make you sore if you pound a lot of range balls.
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    I have both sets in my regular rotation and the MP55s are more forgiving and the MP66s are a bit more precise, both sets I have however are not stock and im not sure if that affects their forgiveness, my MP55s are reduced offset with square toes and my MP66s are reduced offset with a bunch of other Yoro options....I do have a stock MP55 4 iron and that feels great.....If I was to get a set with max feel and max forgiveness and easy on the joints, I would go with the MP55s with Recoil 110s or Modus 120s, and yes stay off the mats for a long time and do some rehab work with the "flex bar". its a PT exercise tool for golfers elbow and tennis elbow. The exercises also strengthen your wrist
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