TaylorMade M4 - Real or Fake?

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Ok - so curious your thoughts on this. Below I've included a comparison pic between what I am fairly confident is an authentic M4 (8.5) and one that I am not sure (the 9.5). In addition to the three items listed below - I did not hit it well at all (yes - could be me image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> ).

1. The serial number on the 9.5 is noticeably smaller.

2. The angle on the 9.5 is nearly a straight right angle - it is much more rounded on the 8.5

3. The top-line of the silver insert is completely straight on the 8.5 but is more rounded on the 9.5.



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    ok, I'm looking at my 12* M4. on #3, my line is smoother, very sharp looking like your 8.5. on #2, the angle is sharper like on your 9.5 but mine is past 90* angle but definitely not curved looking like your 8.5 and on #1 my serial number seems smaller like your 9.5. I know my 12* came straight from TM after a demo day purchase so it's legit. So after all that, I have no idea. Sorry for not being much help.
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  • Gunner14Gunner14 Members Posts: 28 ✭✭
    Haha thanks for the feedback. Interesting on #2 as I thought that was the most egregious difference.
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    Also notice the difference between the barrel diameter where the loft is noted.
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    Ya the barrel diameter is much thicker on the second... My guess would be decent looking fake unfortunately
  • osh9osh9 Members Posts: 239
    The different tips aren’t an indicator at all. The fatter adapter is just an older model. The skinnier one was a redesigned version that came out with the 17 M1 and M2.
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