What's a "Sammy"?

HBsparkHBspark Members Posts: 17
I've got a hickory deep faced mashie that is also labeled "Sammy". I've seen other hickory irons with that name. Anyone know where it comes from?


  • stixmanstixman Hew to the line. Let the divots fall where they may. 1926 Golf I Members Posts: 1,835 ✭✭
    The Sammy was a round backed cleek designed to have a higher CoG than a regular cleek to maximise run, particularly in the wind, mainly for use on links courses. It was invented by Jack Fulford, pro and master clubmaker at Moortown Golf Club in Leeds around 1909. Moortown GC. I was a member there for 25 years, venue for the 1929 Ryder Cup. Gibson's of Kinghorn, Scotland sold a lot of them.
  • HBsparkHBspark Members Posts: 17
    I knew you'd have the answer! Thanks for the detail.
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