Shaft recommendations. From ProLaunch 60 to —>?

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I’ve been playing the final Nike driver they made, the Vapor with a Tensei CK 50. I have it set at 9.5*. The last time my SS was checked I clocked just over 100mph. I’ve been inconsistent with this driver and recently decided to dust off my old Callaway FT-5. The result was immediate. Better feeling all around, better tempo, better dispersion, hitting the sweet spot more accurately. This driver is at least, what, twelve years old? Older?

Anyway, it has a Graffaloy ProLaunch Blue 60 in it and I’d like to update to a newer driver with the present version of this shaft. Anyone recommend what that might be, and suggest a driver? I also love my Mizuno 5 wood with the Fujikura Motore 6.3 if that helps. Thanks in advance.


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    Grafally Prolaunch Blue is a mid 60 gram shaft with a fairly classic ‘high launch’ profile, it is also very low torque by modern standards @ 2.8 degrees.

    The Aldila Rogue Black 65 is a no cost option on several of the current models so might be a good place to start.

    The Ping G Max is probably the friendliest driver on the market at the minute.. The Aldila X-Torsion Copper 60 S or the Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver Dual-Core TiNi 60 S are probably the closest feel matches to the Prolaunch from Ping’s options.

    Only thing for it is to test for yourself.
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    You may or may not want to match what you have spec for spec, depending on the head. I played the ProLaunch Blue years ago and went from that to Diamana Blue, more mid-launch and slightly more torque, and I ended up liking the Diamana a lot more. Got a little stronger trajectory and picked up distance. Diamana remains a reliable choice for me regardless of the head. I’ve even tried the Diamana White but it feels more stout to me so I stick with the Blue.

    Also played the Grafalloy Axis Red in some Callaway heads and thought it was a qualify, underrated shaft. Of the shafts Ping offers, their Tour shaft is by far my favorite all-arounder. I play the stiff in my G400 driver and it works really well for me.

    Worth the time to test it all out for yourself.
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    I once had a FT5 / Grafalloy Blue 60x, awesome combo & after getting over it’s horrendous sound, bombed it for two years or so.

    This driver was the one that cemented my love for high launch, low spin drives & every other combo I’ve had since has been just that with improvements along the way.

    Here is what I’ve gamed since:

    1. FT9 Tour 9,5 I-Mix / Fubuki Tour 63x

    2. FTiz Tour 9,5 I-Mix / Fubuki Tour 63x

    3. Razr Fit 8,5 / Fubuki K 70x

    4. XR16- Pro 9 / Kiyoshi Gold75x or White Tie 7x3 x

    All these do just what hooked me with the OG FT5, fly high, straight & very long.

    The Kiyoshi & the 7x3 are not the latest of shafts but they are still available & are absolute bombs in my XR16 Pro. If you could hit them, might be worth a try.
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    Thanks for the responses. Always been curious about Ping and will give the driver a hard look. What about in the M3 or 4 drivers?
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