Mizuno MP719

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Killed a little time this afternoon at the local Golf5. I tried out some drivers - Mizuno MP Type 2 with Speeder Evo / Mizuno 2014 Craft with godforsaken Tour AD MJ and then tried a few irons. Hit Ping i210 and Titleist 718CB. Then Tried Mizuno MP118 and 719.

Drivers felt really nice. Can see very little difference between the Craft and the Type2. Both felt slightly better than my Titleist 915. But neither stood out too too much against it. Still might look for a used 2014 with a shaft I like. Want to go away from the adjustable heads again.

The 118 was really nice. Hit it against my TN87 with the same shaft. They were really close, but hit the TNs slightly straighter. They were also slightly softer.

The 719 were disgustingly easy to hit. They were easier than the MP55s I tried a year ago. I don't think I've ever hit a club so easy to hit. I actually said, "wow."

I'm not the easiest person to please when it comes to clubs. I can remember doing that with very few irons.

The gentleman at the shop did a really nice job. Started with standard and then tried a few degrees upright and then back and found a nice flight and now I am thinking hard.
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