High School Varsity Line-Up

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How does your coach choose who plays?
So basically i'm kinda mad at how my coach does things regarding who plays in matches. So i'm just curious to see how some of your coaches pick who plays varsity in matches. Do you guys have set rosters or do you have to "qualify" against your other teammates the day before in order to earn a spot?

Basically we have 15 guys that are taken on the team, 5 play JV, 5 play varsity. It's not set in stone who plays what (for the most part). Our coach just kinda puts in whoever he feels like playin and we're not too happy about it. image/shout.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />


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    When I was playing our coach said he would just get a "feeling" and not play someone who was usually a consistent scorer saying that the person didn't give him good vibes or something. Or he would put the number one in the six slot and vice versa. By the way, he was also the school's handyman.
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    We have 6 play. We do a qualifying system and the top 4 qualifyers are taken. Then coach picks 2 other players that didn't make it. This is a good system because you can still play in the tourney if you had a bad couple days of qualifying.
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    So it sounds like you sorta do it Ryder Cup style?
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    I am a high school boys and girls coach. I look at overall average, then I take into account how they have been playing the past week or so. If a JV player is hot lately and beating my #4 or #5, I will put him/her in to see how they do. I don't put as much time into who is 1-5, I am more concerned who is making the top 5. Once the top 5 is established, I look at the overall average more than anything to decide who is #1 and so on.
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    We have eight on the team and six play. It basically comes down to who is playing well at the time and scoring averages
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    this year we had 6 on varsity and 5 played in matches...and we had like 7 on jv....umm the 6 varsity played basketball so they always played in matches (even though their averages were WAYYY worse than my averages...sometimes 7+ strokes!)

    yeaaa there is no way to determine who plays basically....o well
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    when i was in highschool, we had 6 on jv 6 on varsity. my coach did it this way, the first match varsity went to the top 6 averages. the next matches went on like this, in my conference you take the top 4 varsity scores of each team and thats how you decide who wins, well if you were in the top 4 then you automatically got to play in the next match, the other 2 spots were determined in the following practices, again by average. we were lucky and only had 12 guys on the team, so that made it easy for us.
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    We had 12 on varsity and 7 play. We do it all based on scoring average in matches for the top 7. Then, whoever is number 8 (as determined by practice rounds) gets to challenge number 7. It's completely objective and I really liked it because there was really no way to argue with your own score.
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    We had nine and 6 played. Who played was based on qualifying scores, we would play nine the day before a match and that would establish who played. 1-6 was determined by overall averages/coach's opinion. I was playin to about a 15-18 during the season and still played 2 a couple matches, not because everybody on our team sucked just because coach thought that i needed to be challenged, and it worked, i broke 90 both times, since the season though, it is well known that i will be playing 1 every match next year.
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    6 out of 12 play each match, those whose scores counted in the last match are automatically in the next one, and the rest of the players are based on the best scores in practice that week.
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    I coached boys golf in Michigan for two seasons and this is how I did it. The first match of the year I decided who was playing. From then on the low three scores from the match were in for the next match and the last two players played with the others who did not make the travel team and the two lowest scores from that match filled out the team. 99% of the time the same five golfers made the travel team and the others played JV. I found that put the control in the hands of the golfers and made them get out there and compete. It also kept the parents off of my back on why their kid is not playing and someone else is, I could just go to the scores and show them. It worked pretty well because in my two seasons we didn't finish lower than third in the state. The caliber of golfer that we had helped out a bit also.
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    When I was in highschool last year, my coach didn't put 3 of his former varcity players on the team because he personally didn't like them. 1 of them was the best golfer in school history. The team didn't even make regionals for the first time in 5 years. And lost to our local rival school. What an idot.
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    Been outta school for a few years but my coach did it the way it should be done IMO. Before the season there was a 72 hole qualifying, tips of every hole at our home course and play it down everywhere (obviously). He kept the top 12 with 6 varsity and 6 JV and his only rule was that seniors had to make the top 6 or else they were cut. For tournaments only the top 5 played so you needed to make top 5 to be on the tournament team.

    Wherever you qualified then you played that man all year. Luckily on my team there were 6 guys that broke 40 for 9 nearly everytime and the 5th man was easily better than 6 so we never had to change the lineup all year. I could see how spots could cause problems where there wasnt a set top 5 and it was extremely competitive. But our team jus worked perfect because the 1 man was a true 1 man and everyone else fit in well behind him.
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    When I played on my high school team our coach took the average of our last 5 scores (practice and matches) and the top 5 played varsity. He said he always wanted the 5 hottest guys on the team playing that week. It seemed to work out pretty well.
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    I live in Colorado, and we play 5 and take 4. At our high school, we have 3-day tryouts and the top 5 start varsity. If a player above 5 or higher makes a move then we will change up the lineups.
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    We qualify, and I don't see how you would not be playing varsity depending on your coach's feelings with the handicap the you have.
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    I was hurt for the middle half of the season. i was playing varsity at the beginning of the year, but by the time i came back, he kinda had his favorites set. Even though one of them shot 85 and 87 at our home course during Sectionals and Conference. Basically our coach is a clown (not as bad as leftypro's) but he's really holding back the team.
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    On my high school team, we qualify for the first 2 or 3 tournaments, then after that, it's basically the lowest stroke average from there.
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    Runt1122 wrote on May 28 2008, 09:53 PM:
    I am a high school boys and girls coach. I look at overall average, then I take into account how they have been playing the past week or so. If a JV player is hot lately and beating my #4 or #5, I will put him/her in to see how they do. I don't put as much time into who is 1-5, I am more concerned who is making the top 5. Once the top 5 is established, I look at the overall average more than anything to decide who is #1 and so on.

    This is what I did when I coached.
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    it all depends on who is playing good at the time of the tournament.
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    we have a 9 hole round the day before a tournament and the 6 lowest scores play the next day.

    Speaking of which i have one tommorow, so i should probably catch some zzz's.

    Wish me luck
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    Nobody has JV around here...it's varsity only. We keep 12 on the team and top 6 play in matches with the top 4 scores counting. Our coach does it as the top 4 are set for the year after tryouts and #5 and #6 spots are up for grabs every week in practice before a match.
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    For our school, we have tryouts to see who makes the team, there are 12 spots available. The first six are varsity, and the rest are jv. You move up or down based on how you play and you play with the guy next to you. For example 1 plays with 2, 3 with 4, 5 with 6, and so on. If you are not in high school and you are trying out for our team, you need to make top 8, so our system is pretty competitive. For the matches everyone plays. Only varsity scores count. We take the top 5 varsity scores and drop the highest score to get the final total.
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    This year, we had 17 kids go out for the team and 11 were kept. We only have a varsity team, so how we play is the top 8 as determined by practice rounds go to away matches. Only 6 play that can count, and the other 2 are just there for experience/as alternates. At home, all 11 play, but only the top 6's scores can be counted. Out of those 6, the 5 best scores are kept in a match.
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    Our coach has a pretty simple way of making the line up. There are about 10 guys on varsity, but only 7 travel. He creates the line up through score averages. Every time we play the score goes into the average including practice rounds and matches. After every ten rounds, he will let us drop our highest score. Very simple and really pays off for the guy who he can rely on to consistently put something up around par. The guys who are more streaky will play in the 4,5,or 6 spot, but the guys who are consistent play in the 1,2, or 3 spot.

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    I am a high school coach and I have seen it done every way you can think of. I go off of averages as well as qualifying scores. I do exemptions based on scores and finishes in tournaments. As for the position 1-5, I could care less. Occasionally, my 5 man might be low man for the tournament and still end up playing 4 or 5 at the next event. I place my kids 1-5 according to where they feel comfortable to play. Some do not like playing 1 man and some cant stand playing 5. To me, it makes no difference where you play, you can only take the low 4. doesnt say anything about what person (1-5) can or cant be taken.
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    Since we take our 4 best scores in tournaments, the 4 scores that we take are automatically in for the next tournament. We play 6, so the rest of the kids that either didnt qualify for the tournament or didnt place, qualified in practice on 9 holes.
  • driveforshowputtfordoughdriveforshowputtfordough Members  155WRX Points: 0Posts: 155
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    Well im a junior in high school and our team has qualifiers to determine who plays so the top 6 scores play. I typically play #3 image/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />
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    We took six to a match in high school. We counted all our scores before the season started and were seeded from there. I didn't really care where I played, as long as I was 1 or 2, as I would still be going off in the first group (with a buddy).
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  • scottyallanbscottyallanb Berkley High School Golf Coach Members  1735WRX Points: 0Posts: 1,735
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    I am a high school coach. I do have the varsity team fight it out but if there is a course that I think is better suited for one golfer over another than I might bump a guy. Numbers are not always accurate. A guy that might not have played well at the beginning of the season could get hot at the end. I know a lot of coaches do a lot of different things. I am never just set on numbers.

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