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    My favorite thing is the nostalgia of being on a course that I have played for years. One course I play, I used to play with my grandfather when I was a kid. Another one, I played with buddies while in high school and college. I just love being on the course and soaking in those memories.

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    All friends and good laughs
  • RRHRRH Members Posts: 309 ✭✭
    The hunt for improvement.
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    Drinking and driving?
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    I saw this thread awhile back, and despite being a golf junkie who plays 1-2 times a week and usually hits the range 1-2 times a week, I couldn't answer the question. There are a ton of things I love about the game, but I couldn't pick my favorite reason. I wasn't sure I had one.

    I finally figured it out after asking a few people the same question and thinking it over myself. Having played 30 years now, I've probably notched around 2,000 18 hole rounds in my life. After all those years, all those holes, and all of those balls smacked down the range, it is that I learn something every time I go. Good or bad round, there is always something to put in the memory bank. That's my favorite thing - the constant learning.
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    Individual aspect of golf
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    I enjoy the peacefulness on the course. Nothing beats a quiet afternoon on the course during the week after a long day at the office.
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    I like the great company having with my friends and batchmate. Also, the tink sound of the ball of a soft plastic-y rattle. I love to hole every putt!
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    i get wrapped up in the numbers. i love analyzing how many fairways hit, GIR's, putts taken, up and downs and where i need to improve. i also feel borderline obsessive when i lay in bed at night after a round and replay most of the shots in my head.

    i love tinkering too, i put on all my own grips and aim for equal swing weights etc. i just love getting immersed in it. it's a lifestyle.
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    Finding calm within chaos.
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    The beauty of the game is what is my favorite part about it. Whether it's the beautiful landscape, a wedge shot that soars high and lands soft by the pin, or a long putt that rolls close.

    Being outside is tops for me on that list, though. I just love getting out to the beauty of my home course and looking around.
  • Golfer from MOGolfer from MO Members Posts: 986 ✭✭
    It's like a mini vacation from life to dive into a completely diff struggle I enjoy trying to solve
  • Jacked_LoftJacked_Loft Steps Ahead Members Posts: 487 ✭✭
    That every shot is a game for itself.

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  • Showtime9Showtime9 MonsterHeel Members Posts: 162 ✭✭
    The fact that life just stops for four hours so you can enjoy yourself and have a good laugh or two with a couple of friends.
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    It pays extremely well if you’re good at your job.
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    I miss playing with my dad and my grandpa but for different reasons. Dad was my golf buddy and I was the fourth alternate if their country club morning game, if somebody got called in in an emergency. And learned a lot but not so much about business but more about keeping your health.

    My grandpa was in his late 80s and the first time in decades we went out to play golf with his old Sam Snead clubs he shot in 90. He only kept getting better. He hadn't played since the mid-sixties and we were playing in the late 80s. Pop. We said he had that magic touch.
  • JonnyKrasnodarJonnyKrasnodar Members Posts: 1,828 ✭✭
    Incidentally what I like most about golf is the clarity it gives you. Completely focussed on golf, nothing else matters and after spending quality time either trying to best my buddies and myself I can go back to a situation knowing I've got a clear head.
  • ChronicSlicerChronicSlicer Members Posts: 954 ✭✭
    I can feel justified drinking a beer at 10am when I`m golfing..not so much otherwise.
  • uitar9uitar9 Members Posts: 387 ✭✭
    It's the first regular activity/sport my wife and I do together. We don't have to be a team, just play our game our way. and both still enjoy our company. We usually play the same course: know all the twists and turns, most of the staff, see the birds grow up each year, watch the course change through the season. Turn a corner and see the same green with a pin placement I have seen in months or at all.
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    There's no penalty flag....15 foot penalty....for roughing the putter.
  • bigcountry1219bigcountry1219 Members Posts: 97 ✭✭
    My favorite thing is that you could go out and shoot 100, but if you made 1 amazing shot, it was worth it.
  • LambLamb LondonMembers Posts: 325 ✭✭
    Competing or betting against similar skilled golfers. Nothing else gets me pumped up. Don't see the fun in just playing a leisure round unless I have a goal in mind to break X score.
  • scratchauthorityscratchauthority Members Posts: 7
    Disconnecting from the outside world for a few hours. However, it can go either way from playing well = absolute bliss to playing poorly = frustration
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    Guys saying "I've finally figured out what I'm doing wrong". Gets me every time.
  • FuliopedFulioped Members Posts: 43 ✭✭
    When you hit 2 bad shots and then third one is completely flush... ahhhhhh I love this game
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    That it saved my life, had an accident while on patrol in Iraq (2005), I was out for 17 months. Doctor said that it would be very difficult for me to play golf, but as the movie quote stated "this is not mission difficult, it is mission impossible", so 2 years after the accident I was able to play my first round and my life made sense again. I truly love this game!!!!!
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    I love the escape. When I get on a golf course it’s like everything but golf just fades away. I love being in the middle of the course where all you can see is the course....the outside world no longer exists. Just green grass, fresh air, a nice walk, and hopefully a few good shots here and there.
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  • silver504silver504 Members Posts: 92 ✭✭
    The anticipation before playing a round
  • FourTopsFourTops Banned Posts: 1,676 ✭✭
    Hearing "I've finally figured out _________" for the 100,000th time..
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