Tectectec VPro 500S Review

kcd38kcd38 Members Posts: 270 ClubWRX
Anyone have this rangefinder?

Saw some good deals online and was tempted to pick it up
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  • redrover69redrover69 Members Posts: 63
    About a year ago I got one on amazon prime day.

    I compared it to a few others Leopold and the Calloway branded one.

    Leopold and Calloway measurements were close and the tec tec was off by about 4-5 yards so I returned it.

    Just my experience and experiment I tried.

    Im sure its good
  • new2g0lfnew2g0lf Members Posts: 3,309 ✭✭
    Golf buddy bought one, he regularly gets the wrong yardage because it doesn't have a jolt feature. He drives me nuts because he takes forever to get a yardage and at least 25% of the time he's way off anyway. I tried to convince him to return it but he was so excited about the price he decided to keep it.
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  • larrybudlarrybud Members Posts: 11,224 ✭✭
    My buddy has one and it's within the margin of error compared to my Bushnell V2.
  • dasamsdasams Posts: 239 ✭✭
    I have one and it's always returned a distance within 1-2 yds of my buddy's bushnell. Very happy with the perf and price.
  • SEP1006SEP1006 Pearland, Tx.ClubWRX Posts: 849 ClubWRX
    I have one and its fast and accurate. Would put it up against any of the others for those 2 features. I don't need jolt, slope, vibrate, dance, shake or any of the other extras.

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  • ChristopherMcDonaldChristopherMcDonald Members Posts: 2,396 ✭✭
    got the non-slope version. Got it for about $60 on craigslist. Fantastic value even at full price. If you don't need the slope, you can get the non-slope version for cheaper! Shot it against my friends' higher end range finders and I was within a yard every time
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  • @_the_crook@_the_crook Posts: 606 ✭✭
    within our group we have a Garmin watch wearer and one of these.

    basic rangefinder with enough accuracy to pick your club.

    now hit the shot.
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    it works

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  • RohlioRohlio Members Posts: 2,309 ✭✭
    I have the non slope. I am within +- 1yard of my friends way more expensive rangefinders.

    You do need a bit of a steady hand with these or you will likely get the trees behind the green... But some common sense should tell you to shoot it again if the number seems weird... For the $100ish I spent I am very pleased.

    I should mention their customer service was great. I left mine in the trunk of my car during a Phoenix summer and the display got all weird. They sent me a new one right away. 2 years later works perfectly
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  • DeNinnyDeNinny Major Wiener Members Posts: 7,974 ✭✭
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    I just got the basic non-slope model. Scan and pin seeking mode work great. I tested it against my trusty Nikon that goes to 1/2 yd increments and it was with 1 yd difference. Love it!
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