Swing video attached. Good progress over the years, but want to get to next level.

I've made a lot of progress the last few years, going from plateaued for 5-6 years at about a 4 handicap, to getting to a 2 last year and scratch level this year. Lots of thanks to Monte and Dan C along the way, they guided this 5 year process with a couple online lessons, Drive 4 Dough, and research into their philosophies. I used to early extend like crazy now its hardly at all. However, I still am a bit steep in my transition and still have to play a bit of a pull, which can get tough with long irons and driver on tighter courses.

This is an 8 iron. I know my backswing is a tad bit inside, but when I take it back straighter/outside I steepen it even worse.

Anyways, what do you all see that can get me a bit more shallow in the transition & downswing. Some of my ideas:
  • Shorten backswing a bit
  • Right knee seems to fire towards the ball too early

Thanks all!



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