Does lighter driver head promote a draw?

I have replaced my M1 driver that had an extra 10g in the head. I am not sure of the actual swing weight but it just felt right. My normal miss was a push fade with an occasional slice if I got lazy. I have picked up a stock rogue and I have a hard time feeling the head but I have been seeing my miss be a pull with a slight draw even when struck out of the heel. I'm really liking the forgiveness and dispersion out of this driver. Should I expect to see a the push fade bias come back if I wanted to add weight to get the feel I prefer?


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    Lead tape weights on driver. Put weight on Heels = draw. Put weight on Toe = fade. Put weight on back = higher

    Not weight shaft make draw or fade. Your feel right swing weight.
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    I don't think it promotes a certain flight, but it can certainly exasperated an existing one.
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    From my experience, when I use a driver or wood that has a lower swingweight I hook the ball like crazy. Once i add weight back to the head I'm able to straighten things out.

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    Yes it can, for some players. With the driver being the longest length club, it won't always be the best fit to have the same swing-weight as what fits us in a shorter length club. We're better off fitting "blind" to swing-weight and testing with impact spray and ball flight. Don't be reluctant to use a lower swing-weight than we would have assumed we'd benefit from
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