Iron Refinishing - Chrome/Regroove

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Good Morning,

I am preparing to send off a project set I’ve wanted to do for a long time for refinishing. Project is a set of Macgregor 1025 M’s that are in good shape overall, no face browning. I want the original factory chrome and color scheme and a 1-2 degree loft adjustment made. I have acquired black KBS Tour 120’s, gold aluminum ferrules, and brown leather Best Grips to round out the build.

Considering the following options:

1. Iron Factory - leaning this way based on feedback and their stated specialties

2. Tiger Nick - love my custom wedges from him, but one was 3 degrees off when digitally lofted (disclaimer had been played for a few months so could have bent), early ferrule separation, and standard shiny chrome is not his specialty

3. BOS Golf

If anyone has any recommendations please chime in. I know all the usual considerations, loss of head weight, bounce considerations on lie adjustments, etc. Just really love these irons and have always wanted to build a set with my own aesthetic to them. I want to ensure I pick the option that can return the heads to as close to factory new as possible.

The 7-W were acquired separately from the 5 & 6 which is why to see slight differences and stamping. Iron Factory stayed ability to fill stamping as well but that’s not a deal breaker. Just want these beauties looking authentic and new.



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